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ME:OU is based in a concept of providing an efficient and cost effective modular space using Intermodal Steel Building Units. ISBU’s are commonly referred to as Shipping Containers or Cargo Containers. Different arrangements and modifications allow for the interior of the spaces to be configured and used in a variety of plans and sizes. The modular expandable nature of this design allows users to select the size and scale of their unit in order to match their specific needs. The modular design and inherent ISBU functionality also allows for easy transport, delivery and motility as ISBU base building blocks are designed to ship with ease.

Interiors are designed to maximize functionality within the confines of a container. Built off-site with sustainable, recyclable materials including steel, aluminum, recycled content carpeting, and FSC Certified wood decking, ME:OU maximizes efficiency by expediting the construction process and minimizing on-site impacts.

Natural day-lighting and intelligent shading elements along with proper site placement conspire to reduce energy loads year-round. Each container is outfitted with solar panels on the roof to provide energy for the electrical needs of the occupant. In areas where power is available, the solar arrays will assist in turning back the meter by supplying to the grid. One set of panels can be dedicated to providing domestic hot water if required. The systems also provide an added layer of shading to the exterior surface of the container, reducing heat gain and subsequent cooling costs.
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