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Milan Expo 2015: Agriculture and Nutrition in the Arid Zones Cluster

Politecnico di Milano

Project Name

Milan Expo 2015: Agriculture and Nutrition in the Arid Zones Cluster

Year Completed



4,030 sq. meters


  • Scientific Adviser: Luisa Collina
  • Concept and Exhibition Layout: Michele Zini, Alessandro Biamonti, Barbara Camocini


Milan Expo 2015

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Translucent cylinders suspended from the ceiling in this pavilion for countries in the globe's arid zones represent a desert oasis in which resources can be found. Beneath the canopy, small pavilions for each country are shaped like jagged rocks and finished in earth tones to evoke the desert environment.

Project Description


The Cluster is based on the image of desert dust storms symbolizing the difficulty to live and exploit the territory of the arid zones where, nonetheless, there are hidden vital resources.

A multitude of semi-transparent cylinders hanging from the ceiling will call to mind and recreate this unique atmosphere. The pavilions will resemble rocks to be discovered by entering this metaphoric dust storm. When visitors enter the Cluster, they will meet an oasis with a water fountain in the common space. Te area can also host events and performances aimed at deepening the knowledge of the characteristics of the arid zones, their problems and resources.

At the extremity of the Cluster there will be the market, where visitors will be able to purchase and taste the fruits that these lands are incredibly capable of producing.

The concept of aridity immediately leads to think of lack of water, of desert areas where life strives to take root, prosper and evolve. However, not all arid zones are alike. One fifth of the global population lives in areas characterized by shortage of water. Arid environments are extremely different in terms of soil, fauna, flora, water balances and human activities.
Countries belonging to this cluster:
- Djibouti
- Federal Republic of Somalia
- Islamic Republic of Mauritania
- Jordan
- Palestine
- Republic of Mali
- Senegal
- State of Eritrea

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