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Milan Expo 2015: Estonia

Kadarik Tüür Arhitektid

Project Name

Milan Expo 2015: Estonia

Project Status


Year Completed



1,200 sq. meters


  • KTA: Ott Kadarik, Mihkel Tüür, Priit Hamer, Kadri Tamme, Liis Mägi, Tanel Trepp, Kristi Tuurmann
  • Graphic design: Uku-Kristjan Küttis, Kaarel Kala, Alari Orav AKU
  • Construction design and structural design: Civen OÜ
  • Builder: Redaelli Costruzioni
  • Client: EAS


Milan Expo 2015

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At No. 133 on the world's list of countries by area, Estonia may be considered small. But its pavilion, designed by Estonian firm Kadarik Tüür Arhitektid, brings to the international exposition a large cultural sampling of the Baltic nation's food, nature, technology, sport, and more. A highlight of the pavilion—and an area in which the country stands out internationally—is its display of kiiking, a sport developed there in the late-20th century and through which participants propel themselves 360 degrees around the fulcrum of a tall swing specially designed for this purpose.

Project Description


Theme: Gallery of __

"Gallery of __", the title of the Estonian pavilion, symbolises the nature of the pavilion as a whole, but more broadly the idea of Estonia as a dynamic little country whose future is in the hands of every citizen. The philosophy of the pavilion is supported by democratic Nordic values that respect the right to self-expression and creativity of every individual and organised group. "Gallery of __" is an open platform for people who fill it with life and content. The architecture of the pavilion is based on the idea of creating the best possible conditions in which to carry out a variety of performances, exhibitions, actions and showcases. In our pavilion you will find the best that Estonia has to offer the world. The real nature of the pavilion will be shaped by its partners and the people involved in its work, as well as visitors to it, who will experience the combined influence of Estonian nature, technology, culture, and gastronomy.


We leave it up to everyone individually to choose which activities, facts and stories make up their personal experience of Estonia. Our exhibition is peppered with fascinating details, gripping stories, rare sounds of nature, elegant technological simplicity, tasty snacks and great music.

The Estonian pavilion is a meeting point for the high-tech and low-tech – Estonia as a dynamic little country where ancient traditions and untouched nature meet technological innovation.

The pavilion comprises three floors of shifting wooden blocks stacked on top of one another as modules – ‘nesting boxes’ which together make up the Estonian gallery. The pavilion is filled with swings hanging between the boxes. Visitors will have the chance to transform the kinetic energy created by human force into electrical energy by using the swings on the first floor. These swings will give people an idea of how much energy is required for simple, everyday things – recharging a phone, turning on a light and more.

On the first floor will be an Estonian street food restaurant, an information kiosk and a souvenir stand. Seven ‘nesting boxes’ will make up a gallery which gives visitors the chance to find out essential information about Estonia.

On the second floor will be an exhibition showcasing fields that are important to Estonia. Here visitors will have the chance to find out all about Estonian achievements and success stories in a range of areas. The second floor will also host a bar dedicated to rye and craft beer – Ryebar: Estonian craft beer and spirits.

The third floor will feature a slice of Estonian nature, including plants and trees characteristic of the Nordic countries. On this floor visitors will also have the chance to find out about Estonian birds and observe the day-to-day lives of animals in Estonian nature through hidden cameras.

The crowning jewel of the Estonian pavilion will be its showcasing of a sport invented by Estonians – kiiking, which will take place in front of the main entrance. We are planning an attempt to set a Guinness World Record in kiiking on Estonia's national day.

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