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One Family Under a Wireless Roof

HARA Design Institute

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Morgan Day, Hanley Wood

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One Family Under a Wireless Roof


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  • Culture Convenience Club
  • Shinya NAKAJIMA




House Vision 2

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This project is part of the "House Vision 2" exhibition, which runs from July 30 through August 28, 2016 in Tokyo.

Project Description


Culture Convenience Club’s newly-launched TONE smartphone service is based on the realization that instead of families being under the same physical roof, today it is wireless connections that play the same role, with being under the same ‘wireless roof’ being one of the factors that keeps a family together. For instance, a family of three living in Tokyo and a grandmother living alone in Fukuoka can remain close to each other through a shared TONE service. Children can persuade their father to let them borrow an app from his phone, and he can keep control of how they use it. Parents can see their child’s location, or find out how far grandmother has walked today, or see how much charge is left on her device. Tapping on your screen sends a knocking sound to your family member’s device, so if you agree in advance what the knock means, it’s easy to keep in touch. This sort of service can shorten the distance between people who are physically apart, producing a new feeling of closeness. It can lead to a warm and caring relationship just as if they were under the same physical roof. Visitors to the exhibition site can watch a VR short story to get a feel for the ups and downs of a relationship under a wireless roof.
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