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  • Care-Mongering

    Politics may be polarized, but architects are bound by their professional code to serve the less fortunate.



  • Less = The New More

    We asked 1,000 architects what they're making. The answer: less than last year, on average.



  • Marriott Hall St. Albans School. The original 1909 school building is seen on the left.

    Marriott Hall, St. Albans School

    Nestled on the grounds of the Washington National Cathedral, in a landscaped close designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, the St. Albans campus comprises several architecturally disparate hillside buildings.

  • Illinois Holocaust Museum

    Illinois Holocaust Museum

    The Illinois Holocaust Museum in Skokie, Ill.—a Chicago suburb that is home to a large number of survivors—is the closest Tigerman has come to building an overtly religious structure based on his interpretation of his Jewish upbringing.

  • Secondfloor office enclosure.

    Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology & the Ancient World

    Rhode Island Hall, an august 1840s Greek Revival structure at Brown University, is a major chess piece on the main quad, with one entrance opening onto the green and the other toward town.



Best Practices

  • If your 2009 portfolio included a government project eligible for the 179D deduction says the Reznick Group's Lorraine Reale it's not too late to apply it to your tax return. "Amended returns can be costly" she notes "but you might be in that sweet spot where you want to bulk up your deductions."

    The Tax Man Deducteth

    Section 179D of the Internal Revenue Code, which allows a deduction for the cost of building energy-efficient commercial buildings, could benefit your firm's bottom line.


Local Market

  • Rivers Edge Architect Cube 3 Studio Lawrence Mass. Completion 2011. Brief Project includes a 238000s.f. ambulatory care center and a 125000s.f. medical office building phase 1 105 million remaining phases 63.7 million.

    Manchester, N.H.

    Fewer projects are under way in Manchester these days, but the city's focus on ensuring the economic viability of what gets built means fewer are in financial trouble.


Other Articles

  • The Many Faces of IDP

    Four firms share their strategies for ushering the next generation of architects toward licensure.




  • The Yas Hotels grid shell comes alive at night thanks to 5800 programmable LED luminaires one at each vertex of the latticework. The structure has an equal number of glass panels each unique in size shape and angle of tilt. Frits in the panels reflect the LED light outward without affecting hotel occupants visibility.

    Yas Hotel Grid Shell

    As designed by Asymptote Architecture, the Yas Hotel's undulating, hovering carapace of glass panels and LED fixtures creates an instant landmark.



  • Image

    Danger Signs

    If the environmental impact of buildings were more obvious, would people feel outraged enough to demand greater change?



Other Articles

  • Image

    Gas From Wood

    Looking for an environmentally friendly way to warm your buildings? A gasifier just might be the ticket to a cleaner—and cheaper—heating system.




  • Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts Harvard University

    Tough Love: In Defense of Brutalism

    The best concrete architecture of a few decades ago, once lauded, is now mostly viewed with scorn. Before we tear it down, we should consider what will be lost.


Exhibits Books Etc.

Screen Grab

  • Ultimately our mission is to push architectural work out into the world says Architizers Marc Kushner right seen here with fellow cofounders Benjamin Prosky left and Matthias Hollwich. Not pictured Alex Diehl.

    With its visually oriented design and robust search engine, offers the world architectural community another way to connect.


Past P/A

  • St. Louis Planetarium

    Shell Game

    Since its P/A Awards citation in 1960, this building's loose-fit concrete form has accommodated the facility's changing functions.