Table of Contents October 2010



  • Build This!

    Chicago's Ward 49 institutes participatory budgeting for the district's capital improvements.



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    The Pit That Swallowed a City

    When a town in Sweden began crumbling into a giant crater, the local authorities took action—by convening a global design summit.

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    Systems, Not Icons

    What do you get when you combine landscape architecture with landscape-based urban design? A new approach to city-making.

  • Can This Planner Save Detroit?

    An interview with Toni L. Griffin, the star urban planner hired to reshape Detroit.




Best Practices

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    Molehills & Mountains

    Disagreements—every partnership has them, even the best ones. So how should firm leaders prepare for, and deal with, the inevitable?


Local Market

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    Norman, Okla.

    With its vibrant downtown and historic neighborhoods, not to mention the University of Oklahoma, Norman has much to offer for businesses and creative minds.



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    Green Monster

    Legal battles over sustainability promises vs. performance are just beginning. But it's not only about design, it's also about contracts, expectations, and money.


Other Articles



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    Lego Façade

    London's Cowley St. Laurence Church of England Primary School and Children's Centre puts every child's favorite building material to good use.



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    Free-Range City

    In the battle against childhood obesity and insufficient exercise, smart planning can liberate children from the indoors.



Other Articles

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    Virtual Performance

    Energy-modeling programs come in many flavors, from quick and easy to industrial strength. We survey some of the options.




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    Meeting Place

    Striving to capture the intangible—and the human—at the 12th Venice Architecture Biennale.


Exhibits Books Etc.

Screen Grab

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    A young architect writes about advances in building products and materials science in a humorously informative way.


Past P/A

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    Earth-Bermed and Energizing

    With a 1973 P/A Award Citation, Bellflower Elementary School recalls earlier efforts at energy conservation that deserve reassessment.