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  • Spike Eisenhower

    The memorial’s design bring the culture wars are at architecture's doorstep.



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    Healthy Outlook

    Architects and healthcare providers agree that flexible design is crucial to controlling future costs for healthcare.




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    Pro Bono Publico

    David Baker of David Baker + Partners Architects discusses finding common ground.




  • Aging In Place

    Sustaining the General Services Administration’s modern sensibilities



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    Material Culture

    How much do you know about the materials that you're using?




  • Friends of Architecture

    The AIA’s political action committee, ArchiPAC, has donated $69,000 to congressional candidates and political committees so far this year. Here’s the list of recipients.

  • A Lobbying Case Study

    Here's how the profession is navigating the crowded halls of government, in Washington, D.C., and beyond.

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    How to Make Friends and Influence Policy

    ARCHITECT follows the AIA's lobbyists into the complex world of government advocacy.

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    Local Legislation

    Architects are lobbying on behalf of architecture around the country.




Best Practices

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    Delivering IPD

    Drafting the legal framework is the first step toward integrated project delivery. Here's how to get IPD projects off on the right foot.


Local Market

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    Boulder, Colo.

    Boulder is proud of its culture and has restrictions on building to prevent change.



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    The next generation of libraries is made for the spokes, not the hub.


Other Articles

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    Climate Change

    Why is Autodesk getting ahead of its customers? Because it thinks it knows where they're going.




  • Metal Façade

    The Raif Dinckok’s Yalova Cultural Center, by Emre Arolat Architects, tells the tale of two cities intertwined into one.



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    Natural Lighting

    Windowpanes could be transformed into light sources, thanks to organic light-emitting diodes.



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    Talking Heads

    Four designers discuss the teleconferencing and communications tools that keep them in constant contact.


CEU Article

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    A newfound appreciation for dark skies, a model lighting ordinance, and LEDs may help maintain night vision by reducing outdoor illumination levels.




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    Dream Deferred

    Felix Salmon on MoMA's "Foreclosed" exhibit: long on art and short on reality.


Exhibits Books Etc.

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    The Utopian Impulse

    A new San Francisco exhibit showcases Buckminster Fuller's projects as well as Bay Area projects inspired by him. Through July 29.

  • The Hand of the Architect

    A new app by Moleskine brings together 378 sketches by 110 architects.

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    ReThinking a Lot'

    Parking lots are a typology on the verge of transformation, says author Eran Ben-Joseph.

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    Felix Candela

    Photos of architect Felix Candela's thin-shell concrete structures are on display in New York. Through March 31.


Studio Visit

  • Perkins+Will

    Aggressive acquisitions haven't changed Perkins+Will's commitment to the social good.


Past P/A


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