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The Evolution of Architecture in 2023

Amid technological advancements and fluctuating construction norms, the profession... More

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Is AI a Tool or a Taskmaster?

Designers are confronting changes in practice and purpose wrought by sweeping... More

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Digging In: How Geothermal Energy Can Help Meet Sustainability Goals

More owners are considering geothermal energy as a way of "future-proofing" their... More

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How Missing Middle Housing Creates More Vibrant Neighborhoods

Higher-density housing may be the key to increasingly dynamic and varied... More

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Good as Gold? Dense Multifamily Housing on San Francisco's Treasure Island

Historic Treasure Island’s newest chapter involves a total transformation. More

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A New Los Angeles Park Takes Flight

The first phase of a decade-in-the-making project honoring Black Los Angeles is... More

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How Is Student Debt Shaping Architecture?

A new survey tells us that almost half of architects who borrowed money for... More

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For Firms, Another Downturn to Manage in 2023

AIA’s chief economist weighs in on how firms can prepare for this year’s economic... More

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A Year of Flux in Architecture

Despite sometimes slow progress, the profession continued to move forward. More

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Growing the Missing Middle in Seattle

The city's innovative Oak & Alder development can serve as a model for other firms... More

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