Every year, the Annual Design Review (ADR) highlights a cross-section of outstanding American architecture. These are projects that, narrowly speaking, were completed either in the U.S. or by a U.S. firm during the course of the past year, and that, more expansively speaking, helped to advance their respective communities as well as the collective design ethos. This year’s ADR jury—Thomas Fisher, Assoc. AIA; Rosa Sheng, AIA; and Jennifer Yoos, FAIA (learn more about them below)—tapped 19 projects out of a pool of nearly 200.

See all of the winners of ARCHITECT's 2014 Annual Design Review here.

The Jury

Jennifer Yoos, FAIA
Peter Arkle Jennifer Yoos, FAIA

Jennifer Yoos
Jennifer Yoos, FAIA, is a principal at Minneapolis-based VJAA, which won the 2012 AIA Architecture Firm Award. She teaches at the University of Minnesota School of Architecture and has lectured at more than a dozen universities.

Rosa Sheng, AIA
Peter Arkle Rosa Sheng, AIA

Rosa Sheng
Rosa Sheng, AIA, is a senior associate in the San Francisco office of Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, a board member of the AIASF chapter, and is the chair of The Missing 32% Project.

Thomas Fisher, Assoc. AIA
Peter Arkle Thomas Fisher, Assoc. AIA

Thomas Fisher
Thomas Fisher, Assoc. AIA, is the dean of the University of Minnesota College of Design. He has written hundreds of articles on design, including architect’s Past Progressives series.