95 Horatio Street, the sixth in a series of installations by the Whitney, debuted yesterday across from the museum.

Designed by artist Do Ho Suh of South Korea, a digitally rendered image imagines the façade of 95 Horatio Street reconnected with the railway that once ran through the area. Today, the High Line ends at Gansevoort Street, but the installation shows what it would have looked like if the tracks ran through the buildings and into SoHo.

Courtesy The Whitney

Like many of his other works, Suh’s focus is on the emotional and psychological significance of architectural space, and he examines architecture’s relation to personal memory and the collapse of time.

95 Horatio Street is part of the series of installations across from the Whitney and the High Line at the southwest corner of Gansevoort and Washington Streets. The installation is in partnership with TF Cornerstone and High Line Art.