After nine seasons of slap bets, dopplegangers, and legen–wait for it–dary nights at MacLaren's, the beloved sitcom How I Met Your Mother is coming to an end tonight. And that means we’ll finally know how Ted Mosby meets the mother of his children. Over nine seasons, we’ve seen Ted fall hopelessly in love with countless women in an effort to fulfill his personal life. At the same time, we've also seen the highs and lows of his professional career as an architect.

Ted—or Ted Mosby: Architect, as he rebrands himself at one point to pick up girls—is one of the best fictional architects characterizing the profession, according to an IMDb poll. (Mosby comes in second only to Ariadne, the architect played by Ellen Page in the 2010 brain-bender Inception.) His popularity stems from the fact that he tends to correct everything other people have to say. Okay. But is the character that realistic, or is he just a product of Hollywood stereotypes?

Here’s a look back at Ted’s career:

Ted was working for an architectural firm in New York, but his boss was a jerk. Ted didn’t like his boss’s design of a skyscraper so he created his own—overnight. He showed his design to Robin, the first time he had ever shown his drawings to someone outside of work. Everyone in the firm loves the design. Except his boss. So he gets fired. Classic Schmosby.

He then gets hired by Goliath National Bank (GNB), but the project gets scrapped due to a downturn in the economy. (Nobody informs Ted. Awkward.) Mosby then decides to start his own firm, Mosbius Designs. His biggest commission—a restaurant shaped like a Stetson cowboy hat—falls through, so Mosbius Designs folds up. Then Ted starts teaching architecture at Columbia University, where he receives fairly high ratings from his students. While a professor, Ted also restarts the project with GNB, but not without a preservation battle due to the bank’s plans to tear down the Arcadian, a historic hotel. The bank headquarters gets built, landing Ted, 33, on the cover of New York Magazine as the youngest architect to design a skyscraper in New York City.

Top 8 HIMYM Quotes About Architects and Architecture:


Ted: There's this famous architecture story about this architect who designed this library. It was perfect. But every year, it would sink a couple inches into the ground. Eventually the building was condemned. He forgot to account for the weight of the books. This company, it's just me. What if I don't think of the books?


Ted: I could be designing concert halls, and bridges. Bridges that could be considered works of art and should be on museums. And I could design those museums. But instead, what am I designing? What has my career led to? A two-story Stetson with outdoor dining on the brim.




Marshall: That project really was your baby and now it's over, you're scared to move on.
Ted: I poured all my blood, sweat and tears into that building. To be fair, a lot of it happened the day I accidentally fell down that elevator shaft. The point is, it's just really hard to let go, especially since that building's my biggest accomplishment.



Zoey Pierson: You want to know why I want to save that building? Because when I look up at the Arcadian, I see something big, and solid, and right now everything else in my life just feels like I'm on a boat. I know it's crazy to care that much about a building...


Random girl: What made you want to be an architect?
Ted: Well you know, soul of an artist, hands of a master craftsman… it was inevitable.