Hardware plays a crucial role in the overall functionality of a workspace, down to the smallest details. It’s changing the landscape of design, and one company understands how important these elements are to specialize in the finishing touches that make furniture functional and optimize efficiency. With the help of a few simple tools, you can take your furniture to the next and best level.

Mobile devices are blurring the lines of the traditional workspace and creating a greater need for convenient power access. This need for additional power is transforming the basic utility of our furniture. A few examples of convenient power grommet solutions for furnishings are pop-up outlets, recessed power grommets, edge-mount power docks, and wireless chargers. All are easy to install with plug-and-play operation bringing accessible power within reach on the surface. Similar to the array of power grommet solutions for furniture to suit any application by Doug Mockett & Co.

Cable Management is another critical component and can affect the overall performance. Grommets and wire managers that channel cabling neatly through the desk, behind or under the desk, up a table leg, or across the floor will keep cabling neatly tucked away and out of sight. A clean work desk free from clutter will not only look more inviting, but will even inspire greater productivity. Doug Mockett & Co. has wire management options to cover multiple angles of different designs from wire molds and cable raceways to wire spines that run cabling from the floor to the underside of the desk and everything in between, including a vast collection of hooks, loops, and straps that will fit any space for even the most complicated cable management applications.

Adding style to basic utilities such as drawer pulls, handles, and knobs can revitalize any design. Clean lines and simplicity in design create beautiful complementary accents that will define and enhance the overall design. Doug Mockett & Co. offers accents, including table legs, coat hooks, and shelf brackets too—all the essentials that will give a design a new take without overpowering the basic aesthetic.

You should always take pride in your work and living spaces. Your custom contemporary furniture deserves the best. Enjoy the artistry.

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