Parc Haven Apartments at Symphony Park, Las Vegas. Photo:
Parc Haven Apartments at Symphony Park, Las Vegas.

Architectural metal cladding is an optimal choice for low- and mid-rise apartment facades. Its durability, low maintenance and environmental benefits appeal to building owners. Metal cladding’s resistance to environmental factors such as rain, wind, UV exposure, and temperature fluctuations is particularly valuable for low-rise structures, as they are often closer to ground level and may be more susceptible to moisture and weather-related wear. A wealth of affordable cladding options provides architects the opportunity to create eye-catching standouts that still reflect the neighborhood character.

The downtown, semi-industrial vibe of Metric Apartments in Minneapolis, Minn. appeals to younger renters.Photo:
The downtown, semi-industrial vibe of Metric Apartments in Minneapolis, Minn. appeals to younger renters.

Mixed Materials and Shapes for a Youthful Vibe

The Metric Apartments in Minneapolis, Minn. offer perks that appeal to younger renters, including access to transit and outdoor activities. Local firm Collage Architects opted for fiber cement board and Petersen’s PAC-CLAD Precision Series Box Rib panels to achieve a downtown, semi-industrial look. “Trying to keep the costs down, the design worked toward a mix of metal panels and cement board – the challenge was to create the mix on a small building without getting too busy,” says Pete Keely, AIA, the firm’s founder and president. “The building responds to a variety of building heights in the vicinity. We used the changes in siding to respond to the context of the adjacent buildings’ height and width.”

The unique mix of colors and profiles gives the building character, and Keely explains, “The metal changes hue over the day and sunlight conditions, helping to animate the building in its response to the solar conditions.” Collage Architects has been increasing their use of metal cladding in their designs. “In addition to its long-term stability, metal has more design flexibility in its shapes and orientations that allow us to highlight certain aspects of design,” Keely adds.

 A “jewel of the block”, Mosaic Apartments stand out in fast-growing Fargo, N.D.  Photo:
A “jewel of the block”, Mosaic Apartments stand out in fast-growing Fargo, N.D.

Mosaic Apartments: More than Just a Name

Fargo, N.D. is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country. Between 2010 and 2020 its population grew almost 20 percent, and it’s up another 5 percent since the last census. It’s also a city of renters: over half of all residents live in rental units. Multifamily developers are looking to stand out from the crowd.

Stroh Architects & Interiors were looking to make Mosaic Apartments the “jewel of the block” when they proposed PAC-CLAD Precision Series Cupped Tiles to design a signature look. The tiles feature a reverse facet that catches light at multiple angles and creates a multi-shade effect as the viewing perspective changes. Creating the patterning of tiles in three finishes – Musket Gray, Slate Gray and Granite – took an experienced eye. Keith Knoke, owner of Fargo-based Knoke Seamless Siding & Gutters explains, “It was all on us to determine where the tiles went. In other projects, they work with modeling programs – these tiles are so small you can’t do that. Creating a grid that big would have been obscene. That was one of the most challenging things on this project.”

Stroh Architects also specified Petersen’s PAC-CLAD corrugated 7.2 Exposed Fastener panels in Stone White as a contrasting feature wall for the interior courtyard, and PAC-CLAD Reveal Soffit panels in Matte Black to call out the building’s entry.

Parc Haven’s attention-getting façade is a hit at Symphony Park in Las Vegas. Photo:
Parc Haven’s attention-getting façade is a hit at Symphony Park in Las Vegas.

Symphony of Color Adds Visual Punch

Las Vegas residents know there’s more to the city than the famous “Strip”. A former railyard has recently been transformed into a new neighborhood centered around a park. The neighborhood features the Smith Center of the Performing Arts, the Discovery Children’s Museum and the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health. Locals can reside in the neighborhood at the colorful Parc Haven Apartments at Symphony Park. When creating the façade, designers from CallisonRTKL’s Dallas office took inspiration from the adjacent railroad tracks and symphony center. Tom Brink, AIA, a principal with the firm says, “We were trying to merge this cultural and rail environment.” To that end, the team opted for PAC-CLAD Precision Series Highline B2 panels in Musket Gray for the majority of the building’s exterior. This corrugated profile adds “industrial chic” to the façade. PAC-CLAD Flush wall panels throw visual punches of color throughout the façade, perforated panels screen the parking garage, and PAC-CLAD Snap-Clad standing seam roof panels top pop-out elements to break up the linearity of the structure. TLC Roof Services expertly executed the challenging installation.

Brink shares, “The client is thrilled – the rents are higher than anticipated. The city had been working on Symphony Park for 20 years, so to see this building come to fruition and have an elevated position with the design materials – the owner, the city and the residents are very excited about it.” Todd Roberts, president of TLC Roof Services, is equally pleased. “It’s one of the properties that stands out in Las Vegas. I would say it’s one of the buildings that pops the most, in terms of looks. It’s definitely something we’re proud of.”

Metal cladding is an excellent way to make low-rise and mid-rise apartments stand out and look great for decades. With an endless variety of style and color options, this affordable cladding can fit any project and budget. Additionally, architectural metal is a sustainable material. Metal wall and roof systems can contribute to LEED certification, provide solar reflectance to keep interiors cool in warm weather, and are 100% recyclable. Learn more about PAC-CLAD’s varied range of metal cladding systems, including Precision Series Tiles and NEW Modular AL and its collection of standard PVDF finishes including brilliant metallics, sophisticated wood grains, and rich ores at