Italian designer Federico Babina adds to his growing assortment of architect-inspired illustrations with a set of quotes from revered master builders. Taking the form of midcentury signage of the sort that once spanned the Las Vegas Strip, the prints dress up maxims from Gaudí to Wright.

"The architects find in words an additional means and a valuable tool to explain and express their work," Babina said in an email. "They become a part of the architecture with the same explosive power of volume." In this series, 13 quotable truths from famous architects interplay with an assortment of geometries to create what Babina calls a "communicative game."

To date, his work has included buildings shaped by musicarchitects and artists in 8-bit, and architecturally focused movie scenes. However, it's unlikely that the drawings will expand beyond prints to other mediums. "I prefer paper," Babina says.