Pablo Enriquez

Through Labor Day, visitors to MoMA PS1—a Museum of Modern Art extension in Queens—can find shelter from the New York City heat under a photoluminescent knitted canopy designed by Ithaca, N.Y.–based Jenny Sabin Studio. The 18th winner of MoMA and MoMA PS1's Young Architects Program, Lumen is composed of a "knitted light" synthetic fabric system that Sabin has been developing over several years.

"The project incorporates two types of responsive high-tech yarn," Sabin told ARCHITECT in February. "One is a photoluminescent yarn which absorbs light or UV and then slowly emits light over time, or essentially glows, and then the other responsive yarn is a solar active yarn that changes color immediately in the presence of the sun."

Pablo Enriquez

In addition to shade, Lumen also satisfies the other aspects of the annual commission's brief: seating and water. Sabin describes on her website: "This environment offers spaces of respite, exchange, and engagement as a misting system responds to visitors’ proximity, activating fabric stalactites that produce a refreshing micro-climate. Families of robotically woven recycled spool chairs reveal informal messages and conversations through hydro-chromic materials."

Each year, the installation hosts the museum's Warm Up concert series, and this year's shows kick off on Saturday.

Lumen is open through Sept. 4, 2017 at MoMA PS1 in New York City.