Noah Kalina The Beach, Snarkitecture's 2015 installation at the National Building Museum

Each year around this time, the National Building Museum releases the name of the firm that will design a site-specific summer installation in the museum's Great Hall. In the past, these picks have included Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), Studio Gang, James Corner Field Operations, and Snarkitecture. Today the museum announced the firm designing this year's installation, the fifth in the series: Snarkitecture.

It seems like only yesterday (in fact, it was 2015) that visitors were jumping into Snarkitecture's ball bit, The Beach, a monochromatic, super-sized version of the childhood playspace. ("The Beach" has now become an international traveling exhibition.) This summer, the New York–based firm will be installing "Fun House," which the museum describes in a press release as "a sequence of interactive rooms featuring well-known Snarkitecture environments and objects that visitors can explore, as well as new concepts developed for the Museum. As visitors walk through the house, the rooms convey the 10 year story of Snarkitecture while underlining the studio’s peculiar, yet accessible way of reinterpreting the built environment. The house also features a front and backyard with 'outdoor' activities that visitors will recognize."

Why a Snarkitecture redux? Emma Filar, the museum's director of communications and marketing, points to the museum's updated mission statement. "Snarkitecture’s playful approach to materials and structures really gets at what we're trying to do with these installations and as a guiding principle under our new mission statement," Filar notes in an email to ARCHITECT. "As well, our visitors continue to share with us their positive experience with The Beach, so we are excited to share with them other temporary installations that they likely did not experience, and in an all-new context."