Courtesy David Trubridge

Navicula, David Trubridge
Inspired by the forms of diatoms—single-celled phytoplankton found in the ocean—this CNC-milled bamboo plywood structure is fitted with a strip of LEDs and available in lengths of 59", 78.7", and 98.4".

Mike Basher

2X Truss Chandelier, Stickbulb
This 54"-by-28" chandelier combines two octagonal forms. Made of reclaimed and sustainably sourced materials and fitted with 2'-long, 12V LED modules, the 119W fixture puts out 2,385 lumens at a standard color temperature of 3000K and a color-rendering index of 94. Available in four types of wood (walnut shown), with polished brass hardware.

Courtesy Karikoski

No. 3 Loimu Pendant, Karikoski
Composed of Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification–certified birch plywood, this pendant measures 21.25" tall and 15.15" in diameter. Loimu is fitted with an E27 base, and the 40W luminaire is available in birch (shown) and shiny black.