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  1. Recreational Park of BBS Mall

    Recreational Park of BBS Mall

    Nairobi, KENYA

  2. Gold Souk of BBS Mall

    Gold Souk of BBS Mall

    Nairobi, KENYA

  3. Mosque of BBS Mall

    Mosque of BBS Mall

    Nairobi, KENYA

  4. Patel Clinic

    Patel Clinic

    Kampala, UGANDA

  5. Kimironko Houses

    Kimironko Houses

    Kigali, RWANDA

  6. Villa M

    Villa M

    Kigali, RWANDA

  7. RMT Offices

    RMT Offices

    Kigali , RWANDA

  8. Award Winning Villa Rose

    Villa Rose

    Kigali, RWANDA

  9. Ntinda Offices

    Ntinda Offices

    Kampala, UGANDA

  10. Villa Patel

    Villa Patel

  11. Balikesir Municipality Building

    Balikesir Municipality Building

    Balikesir , TURKEY

  12. Renovation of Facade

    Renovation of Facade

    Kinshasa, DEM REP OF CONGO

  13. Roof Home

    Roof Home

    Kigali, RWANDA

  14. A&H Home

    A&H Home

    Kampala, UGANDA

  15. Albert Apartments

    Albert Apartments

    Kigali, RWANDA

  16. Joanna Home

    Joanna Home

    Kigali, RWANDA

  17. Gombe Apartments

    Gombe Apartments

    Kinshasa, DEM REP OF CONGO

  18. Circle Apartments

    Circle Apartments

    Kigali, RWANDA

  19. Apartments(extension)


    Nairobi, KENYA

  20. Villa Harald

    Villa Harald

    Kampala, UGANDA

  21. Albert Home

    Albert Home

    Kigali, RWANDA

  22. Nyarutarama Residences

    Nyarutarama Residences

    Kigali, RWANDA

  23. Hotel-Residential Building (renovation)

    Hotel-Residential Building (renovation)

    Kigali, RWANDA

  24. Kwetu Film Institute

    Kwetu Film Institute

    Kigali, RWANDA

  25. Cascade Office

    Cascade Office

    Kigali, RWANDA

  26. Cascade Apartment

    Cascade Apartment

    Kigali, RWANDA

  27. DRC Residences

    DRC Residences

    Kinshasa, DEM REP OF CONGO

  28. Office Of Frames

    Office Of Frames

    Kigali, RWANDA

  29. Kigali Genocide Memorial Amphitheatre

    Kigali Genocide Memorial Amphitheatre

    Kigali, RWANDA

  30. Dubai Iconic Mosque

    Dubai Iconic Mosque

  31. Crafted Tower

    Crafted Tower

    istanbul, TURKEY

  32. Rural Learning House

    Rural Learning House

    Mexico City, MEXICO

  33. Coffee Shop

    Coffee Shop

    Istanbul, TURKEY

  34. Youth Hostel

    Youth Hostel

    istanbul, TURKEY

  35. Business and Life Center

    Business and Life Center

    Amasya, TURKEY

  36. Warehouses


    Kigali, RWANDA

  37. Mixed Use Building/Residential-Commercial

    Mixed Use Building/Residential-Commercial

    Mardin, TURKEY

  38. Arnavutkoy Apartment

    Arnavutkoy Apartment

    Istanbul, TURKEY

  39. Mardin Office-Commercial Complex

    Mardin Office-Commercial Complex

  40. Clothing Store

    Clothing Store

    Istanbul, TURKEY

  41. Ubumwe Residences

    Ubumwe Residences

    Kigali, RWANDA

  42. Kigali Office-Commercial Complex

    Kigali Office-Commercial Complex

    Kigali, RWANDA

  43. Nyarutarama House Complex

    Nyarutarama House Complex

    Kigali, RWANDA

  44. Kirsehir Planetarium

    Kirsehir Planetarium

    Kirsehir, TURKEY

  45. Bodrum Chamber of Commerce

    Bodrum Chamber of Commerce

    Mugla, TURKEY

  46. Sivas Kizilirmak Bridge

    Sivas Kizilirmak Bridge

    Sivas, TURKEY

  47. Gaziantep Sehit Kamil Art Center

    Gaziantep Sehit Kamil Art Center

  48. Bodrum City Museum

    Bodrum City Museum

    Mugla, TURKEY

  49. Luleburgaz Woman Academy

    Luleburgaz Woman Academy

    Kırklareli, TURKEY

  50. Baltic Way Memorial

    Baltic Way Memorial

    Riga, LATVIA

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