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  1. Cast Iron House

    Cast Iron House

    New York, NY

  2. La Seine Musicale

    La Seine Musicale

    Boulogne-Billancourt , France

  3. Award Winning Aspen Art Museum

    Aspen Art Museum

    Aspen, CO, United States

  4. Open House with Condensed Core

    Open House with Condensed Core

    Tokyo, Japan

  5. Vin Sante + N House

    Vin Sante + N House

    Tokyo, Japan

  6. Oita Prefectural Art Museum

    Oita Prefectural Art Museum

    Oita, Japan

  7. Tainan Museum of Fine Arts

    Tainan Museum of Fine Arts

    Tainan, Taiwan

  8. Paper Shelter Haiti

    Paper Shelter Haiti

    Port-au-Prince, Haiti

  9. Paper Partition System 4

    Paper Partition System 4

    various locations, Japan

  10. Paper Log House Turkey

    Paper Log House Turkey

    various locations, Turkey

  11. Paper Log House Kobe

    Paper Log House Kobe

    Kobe, Japan

  12. Paper Log House India

    Paper Log House India

    Bhuj, India

  13. Paper Emergency Shelter for UNHCR

    Paper Emergency Shelter for UNHCR

    Byumba Refugee Camp, Rwanda

  14. Paper Concert Hall

    Paper Concert Hall

    L'aquila, Italy

  15. Paper Church Kobe

    Paper Church Kobe

    Kobe, Japan

  16. Onagawa Container Temporary Housing

    Onagawa Container Temporary Housing

    Onagawa, Japan

  17. Kirinda House

    Kirinda House

    Kirinda, Sri Lanka

  18. Hualin Temporary Elementary School

    Hualin Temporary Elementary School

    Chengdu, China

  19. Cardboard Cathedral

    Cardboard Cathedral

    Christchurch, New Zealand

  20. Wall-less House

    Wall-less House

    Nagano, Japan

  21. Tamedia New Office Building

    Tamedia New Office Building

    Zurich, Switzerland

  22. PC Pile House

    PC Pile House

    Shizuoka, Japan

  23. Paper Temporary Studio

    Paper Temporary Studio

    Paris, France

  24. Nine Square Grid House

    Nine Square Grid House

    Kanagawa, Japan

  25. Haesley Nine Bridges Golf Clubhouse

    Haesley Nine Bridges Golf Clubhouse

    Yeoju, Korea, Republic Of

  26. Nicolas G. Hayek Center

    Nicolas G. Hayek Center

    Tokyo, Japan

  27. Naked House

    Naked House

    Saitama, Japan

  28. Metal Shutter House

    Metal Shutter House

    New York, NY, United States

  29. House of Double Roof

    House of Double Roof

    Yamanashi, Japan

  30. Japan Pavilion, Hannover Expo 2000

    Japan Pavilion, Hannover Expo 2000

    Hannover, Germany

  31. Curtain Wall House

    Curtain Wall House

    Tokyo, Japan

  32. Furniture House 1

    Furniture House 1

    Yamanashi, Japan

  33. Centre Pompidou Metz

    Centre Pompidou Metz

    Paris, France

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