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  • 343 S. Dearborn St
    Suite 200

    Chicago, 60604
    Beth Garneata
    [email protected]


  • Dan Wheeler
  • Larry Kearns
  • Mark Weber
  • Joy Meek
  • Jon Heinert

Firm Description

Wheeler Kearns is a collective practice of architects. We work with people who seek to enrich their lives in spaces that embody their purpose, energy and vision.

When a space we design resonates with your deepest intention, it has a lasting and powerful impact. As we work with you, we devote all our energies to understanding your core purpose, the transformation you seek, your mission. We want to see your challenge through your eyes. Doing this guides us to what we call the “emotional center,” the heart around which your entire project revolves. We return to that central idea as we craft concepts, help you make decisions, and refine our responses to those choices. Everything from the big-picture view to the design of a door handle evolves from that emotional center. The result is a space that responds uniquely to your life, your mission.

Our design process requires an uncommon level of attention, curiosity, devotion. Our clients use the word “partner” to describe us as often as “architect.” And we’re proud of that. It reflects our belief that along with a lofty vision, sometimes you also need someone willing to tackle the mundane.

One mind focused on solving your problem is good; many are better. We use our unusual structure as a “collective practice of architects” to solicit multiple ideas from a team in the early stages of the design process. It offers you a wider spectrum of possibility. And that can lead to solutions that nobody anticipated, like transforming a shuttered lumberyard into a model, 21st-century school. Or discovering that the 70-foot tower of an abandoned food-manufacturing plant really can be a viable and exciting performance space. Always, we seek to open doors to new ideas about how you can live into your aspiration.


  1. Chicago Children's Theatre

    Chicago Children's Theatre

    Chicago, IL

  2. Upper Jeptha Lake Retreat

    Upper Jeptha Lake Retreat

    Grand Junction, MI

  3. New Buffalo Residence I

    New Buffalo Residence I

    New Buffalo, MI

  4. Suns End Retreat

    Suns End Retreat

    Harbert, MI

  5. Eugenie Residence

    Eugenie Residence

    Chicago, IL

  6. Hansberry College Prep

    Hansberry College Prep

    Chicago, IL

  7. Award Winning Exelon Gymnasium

    Exelon Gymnasium

    Chicago, IL

  8. Award Winning Wolcott School

    Wolcott School

    Chicago, IL

  9. Intelligentsia Monadnock

    Intelligentsia Monadnock

    Chicago, IL

  10. Our Saviour's Lutheran Church

    Our Saviour's Lutheran Church

    Arlington Heights, IL

  11. Ogden Dunes

    Ogden Dunes

    Ogden Dunes, IN

  12. Camp Charlie

    Camp Charlie

    South Bend, IN

  13. Award Winning Montgomery Apartment

    Montgomery Apartment

    Chicago, IL

  14. Award Winning Old Town School of Folk Music

    Old Town School of Folk Music

    Chicago, IL

  15. The Ambassador Residence

    The Ambassador Residence

    Chicago, IL

  16. Hinsdale Residence

    Hinsdale Residence

    Hinsdale, IL

  17. Award Winning Studio V

    Studio V

    Chicago, IL

  18. St. Joseph Residence I

    St. Joseph Residence I

    St Joseph, MI

  19. Mylayne Pavilion Millennium Park

    Mylayne Pavilion Millennium Park

    Chicago, IL

  20. Award Winning Lake Shore Drive Residence

    Lake Shore Drive Residence

    Chicago, IL

  21. Award Winning Lakeview Pantry

    Lakeview Pantry

    Chicago, IL

  22. Richard Gray Gallery Warehouse

    Richard Gray Gallery Warehouse

    Chicago, IL

  23. Mansueto High School

    Mansueto High School

    Chicago, IL

  24. Award Winning Wicker Park Residence

    Wicker Park Residence

    Chicago, IL

  25. Award Winning The Alice at Goodman Theatre

    The Alice at Goodman Theatre

    Chicago, IL

  26. Intelligentsia Wicker Park

    Intelligentsia Wicker Park

    Chicago, IL

  27. Award Winning 1611 W. Division

    1611 W. Division


  28. Award Winning Marwen Expansion

    Marwen Expansion


  29. Intrinsic School

    Intrinsic School

    Chicago, IL

  30. Award Winning Orchard Willow Residence

    Orchard Willow Residence

    Chicago, IL, United States

  31. Award Winning University of Chicago Child Development Center - Stony Island

    University of Chicago Child Development Center - Stony Island

    Chicago, United States

  32. Award Winning Nine Square

    Nine Square

    Chicago, IL

  33. Award Winning Inspiration Kitchens

    Inspiration Kitchens

    Chicago, IL, United States

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