Winter 2013 Table of Contents

Product I.D. Inspiration, Johnsonite

This eco-friendly vinyl wood flooring gives high-traffic spaces a natural look. Read more

Product SunBeamer 500, SunCentral

This stationary tracker uses mirrors to gather sunlight from all angles. Read more

Product ShearWeave Infinity2, Phifer

This PVC-free shading material is completely recyclable and weighs less than its predecessors. Read more

Product Reveal, Guardian

An electric current renders this glass opaque or transparent at the user's command. Read more

Product Revo LED Personal Task Light, Light Corp.

This fixture turns off after 30 minutes during which its sensors detect no motion nearby. Read more

AIArchitect Piecemeal Potential

The sky may be the limit for prefab modular towers. Read more

Forget the Office Park

GlaxoSmithKline's new Philadelphia headquarters shrank the company's footprint while increasing its performance. Read more

technology How to Achieve Net-Zero Waste and Water in Buildings

Net-zero waste requires designers to dive into the nitty-gritty while maintaining a big-picture outlook. Read more

product category review Product Category Review: Commercial Textiles

Traditionally resource-intensive, commercial textiles are now showing their green colors. Read more

Constructing a Social Demeanor

Transparency invites interaction at a New Mexico University's student union building. Read more

How It's Made: Thin-Film Photovoltaics

Solar cells have shrunk dramatically in size. Here’s a look at the materials comprising thin-film photovoltaics, whose thicknesses are now measured in nanometers instead of inches. Read more

Connecting to the Castle: The American Swedish Institute

The expansion of this Minneapolis cultural center combines stunning architecture with sustainable solutions that have attracted a wide audience. Read more

AIAperspective I Want To Be a Mayor

Partisan politics aside, architects can find real partners in government. Read more

Product Ultra Air Barrier Wall System, Dow Building Solutions

Improve the thermal efficiency of wall systems with this versatile air- and moisture-barrier system. Read more

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