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Startup Story: Cove.tool Makes History in Series A and B Funding

In a record-making funding round announced today, Cove.tool co-founder Sandeep... More

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Startup Story: Cove.tool Launches a Beta Test and Signs Its First Customer

In part two of Cove.tool co-founder Sandeep Ahuja's entrepreneurial journey, she... More

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Startup Story: From Architectural Designer to Software Company CEO

Cove.tool co-founder and trained architect Sandeep Ahuja shares her... More

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Award: Cove.Tool, an App to Optimize Building Design for Sustainability

The Atlanta-based software developer's eponymous analysis program might be the... More

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Cove.Tool Performance Analysis Platform Launches Three New Features

Learn about the products that aim to streamline the energy modeling process as... More

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Week in Tech: Hyperloop Reveals West Virginia Certification Center

Plus, Black-owned Avanath Capital Management and MacFarlane Partners launch the... More

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The Algorithm: Cove.Tool Runs the Numbers for Designers

The founders of Cove.Tool are delegating the tedium of data-crunching to machines,... More

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