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The following is a press release from Deborah Berke Partners announcing eight new partners in the 80-person firm, based in New York.

Deborah Berke Partners is delighted to announce the elevation of eight long-time principals at the firm to the level of partner.

The expanded partnership broadens and diversifies the firm’s leadership, building on our expertise in projects for colleges and universities, cultural institutions, private residences, boutique hotels, office and multifamily developments, and buildings for mission-driven clients.

Partners Deborah Berke, Maitland Jones, and Marc Leff are pleased to formally acknowledge this talented group’s leadership and welcome them as new owners.

Courtesy Deborah Berke Partners Deborah Berke Partners' design for the Lewis International Law Center at the Harvard Law School in Cambridge, Mass.

The new partners—Noah Biklen, Stephen Brockman, Kiki Dennis, Ameet Hiremath, Rhoda Kennedy, Arthi Krishnamoorthy, Terrence Schroeder, and Caroline Wharton Ewing—have been instrumental in realizing our most significant projects and in leading the steady growth of our practice since its founding more than thirty years ago.

“It’s always been my dream to lead a firm that is this dynamic and diverse,” said Deborah Berke. “We are growing and evolving the practice to reflect the reality of how great architecture is made today.”

“We each have an area of particular depth and expertise. At the same time, we work together across disciplines and project types, and we often bring lessons and resources from one to another,” Maitland Jones said.

Marc Leff added that “each new partner brings a perspective that will help us continue to expand our practice, building from the values and ethos of the firm. I’m looking forward to what we will accomplish together.”

At Deborah Berke Partners, we sustain our long-term commitment to being an inclusive and equitable workplace, and will continue to be a women-owned business enterprise. We look forward to sharing our continued success with our clients and collaborators, the communities with which we work, and the entire DBP team.

Caroline Wharton Ewing, Partner
Caroline leads our residential interior design practice with Kiki Dennis. Her elegant work reveals a balance: how our interior design works with our architecture and completes our “whole vision”. Her notable projects include the West Chelsea Apartment, the model unit at 432 Park Avenue, and the Upper East Side Townhouse no. 1.

Terrence Schroeder, LEED AP, Partner
Terrence leads hotel and office projects for the office. Terrence's projects show us how the common spaces within a hotel or a private suite of offices may resemble public space: skillfully-crafted settings for social life. He recently completed our Park Avenue Office project, and 21c Museum Hotels in Oklahoma City, Nashville, and Kansas City.

Arthi Krishnamoorthy, AIA, LEED AP, Partner
Arthi has led some of our largest and most complex projects. Her work is most often mission-driven, where the architect must weigh social and civic impacts with architectural and environmental considerations. Arthi has designed all our projects for foundations and is currently leading our project for Princeton University.

Rhoda Kennedy, AIA, LEED AP, Partner
Rhoda leads projects for academic and cultural institutions, often with a strong social mission. As she distills our clients' goals and aspirations, Rhoda finds that path to meaningful design solutions. Rhoda recently completed the Dickinson College Residence Hall, and is currently leading the firm’s design of The Women’s Building.

Ameet Hiremath, AIA, LEED AP, Partner
Ameet leads academic and cultural projects, as well as residential projects, and directs our project delivery group. His work balances complex use with environmental practices, but his buildings are suffuse with humanity; they are enjoyed. Ameet recently completed the 122 Community Arts Center, and is currently leading our project at the Harvard Law School.

Kiki Dennis, ASID, Partner
Kiki leads our residential work and interior design practice area with Caroline Wharton Ewing, along with many of our workspace projects. Immersed in color theory, Kiki makes environments known for their sophisticated color palette, textural layering, and balance. Kiki recently completed the Upper East Side Apartment and the Park Avenue Office.

Stephen Brockman, LEED AP, Partner
Stephen blends architecture with the textures and patterns of interior design. His eye for space, materials, and detail expands the firm’s holistic approach to design. Stephen leads our multifamily and hotel projects including for colleges and universities. He recently completed the Hotel Henry at the Richardson Olmsted Campus.

Noah Biklen, AIA, LEED AP, Partner
Noah leads projects for academic and cultural institutions, often within an urban context, along with residential projects. In his work, Noah combines a deep knowledge in building and façade technologies with his sensitive eye for composition, proportion, and materiality. He is currently leading the design for our project at Princeton University.