20/20 LED Luminaire, Sol • The 20/20 LED luminaire is appropriate for outdoor applications such as parking lots, perimeter security, roadways, paths, and walkways where tight light control is needed. The fixture head measures approximately 37.3 inches long by 21 inches wide, and has a maximum thickness of 5.01 inches. It is available in 35W, 40W, 48W, 50W, or custom wattages depending on the configuration, with a color temperature of 5000K, an IP65 rating for the LED enclosure, and a luminous efficacy of 72.3 lumens per watt. Type II, III, and IV optics are available. Finish colors are: bronze, black, green, white, gray, or custom. solarlighting.com

Discera 4 LED, Selux • Discera 4 LED, the pedestrian-scaled street and area lighting series from Selux, offers a low-glare, low-backlight, 86W using 30 high-flux LEDs. The fixture has a 17-5/6-inch-long by 15-3/4-inch-diameter die-cast copper aluminum alloy housing with a polyester powdercoated finish, a sealed optic chamber, and Type III distribution. The series has two color temperature options of 3500K or 5000K, six mounting arm options, and finish choices of white, black, bronze, silver, or custom. selux.com 
Exterior 400, Martin Professional • The Exterior 400 Range can cover long or short throws, and dynamic or static color. It is best suited for uniform color washes over great distances and provides extremely bright light—5300 lumens—at narrow beam angles. A broad range of color is achievable via red, green, blue, and white LEDs. The 410 option is meant for when no color separation is needed. Color mixing occurs at the fixture. The 410 also provides extremely bright light (5600 lumens); the 420 model supplies the full range of white light, from warm to cool; and the 430 is the choice for when a single color is needed. All models are IP65-rated and have a color calibration to ensure uniformity. martin.com
Decorative Outdoor Luminaires, Illuminati Group • These decorative outdoor luminaires come in a variety of shapes (Tower, Egg, Cube, Flat Ball, Ball, and Vessel, shown). Splashproof or waterproof, depending on the model, a cordless and rechargeable lamp module allows six to eight hours of illumination. With the LED sources, the fixtures can be set to myriad colors. spacelighting.com
Underwater Stainless Steel, Troy Landscape Lighting • These underwater pond lights are available in two models—UW34 with a 2.5W LED, and UW51 with an MR16 lamp. Cast in stainless steel and prewired with 25 feet of 18 AWG cord, which includes gel connectors, the fixtures can be submerged up to 3 feet deep. The UW34 has a clear tempered glass lens, and the UW51 has a clear glass lens with a silicone gasket. A separate low-voltage power supply must be ordered separately. troylandscapelighting.com 
Solid-State Arcade Series, Teka Illumination • The Arcade Series of wall-mounted sconces is available in three styles: Arcade Louver, Full Shield, and Half Shield. The fixtures are available in three sizes—11 inches, 14 inches, and 20 inches—with five diffuser options, and are UL- and ETL-listed, RoHs-compliant, and suitable for wet locations. The series also offers a 12-inch-round sundial surface-mount wall sconce. Equipped with Teka’s AC-LED system, each sconce operates without a driver and is available in 3000K or 4100K at 4W or 8W, depending on the model. tekaillumination.com
LED Parking Garage Luminaire, Philips Sportlite • Sportlite’s LED Parking Garage Luminaire features the GR-52 model with optics to maximize output and a high lumen-per-watt ratio of 87. Available in two wattages, 60W and 63W at full power, with a color rendering index of 74, this model maintains more than 70 percent of its lumens for up to 82,000 hours. sportlite.com
WARP9 Induction, Kim Lighting • The WARP9’s new induction option reduces energy use and maintenance costs while maintaining the fixture’s full cut-off luminaire classification, and has up to four times the lamp life compared to traditional high-intensity discharge sources, according to the manufacturer. Available in 100W or 150W, the system has a 100,000-hour-rated induction system life, and has a color-rendering index of 80-plus with no color temperature shifts. WARP9 also has a 20 percent minimal lumen depreciation and an instant on/restrike of less than 0.1 seconds. kimlighting.com
Promenade and Flex, Architectural Area Lighting • AAL has expanded its LED Designer SSL Series with the addition of the Promenade (third from left) and Flex (first at left) family of luminaires. The traditional style Promenade fixture heads are available in three styles (two pole-top variations and a suspended armature), and the contemporary Flex fixtures are available with single-, double-, triple-, or quad-mounting configurations. The Designer Series has also added higher-lumen, large-scale fixtures to the Providence and Universe Collections. All fixtures in the Designer SSL Series have been upgraded with AAL’s LifeShield protection system, which preserves the diode life in extreme temperature conditions, and are available with zero-to-10V dimmable drivers, standard onboard surge monitors, and MicroEmitter LED technology, which provides uniform, low-glare illumination. aal.net
City Elements, HessAmerica • The City Elements modular light column offers a custom lighting solution for outdoor site, area, and street applications. Fixtures are available in 7-, 8-, or 9-inch diameters, with heights varying from low-level path bollards to 30-foot-tall pole luminaires. City Elements features a cast-aluminum housing, stainless steel hardware, and clear acrylic or UV-resistant polycarbonate lenses depending on the model. All modules are fully rotatable and can be adjusted internally for highlighting and aiming. The manufacturer offers both a ceramic metal halide source with electronic ballasts and LEDs in white or static colors. Special 9-inch-diameter models accept security cameras, come with convenience outlets and in-use covers, and offer combinations of up, down, and lateral light distribution. The finely textured matte finish comes in either silver gray metallic, dark gray, or graphite gray, with custom colors available upon request. hessamerica.com
Lightvault, Kim Lighting • Kim’s Lightvault LED LTV series, available in 3500K and 5100K, has evolved to include multiple designs to fit a variety of exterior applications. The in-grade uplight LTV71 series offers three distributions: spot, narrow flood, and wallwash. Where illumination is needed on low walls or signs, the LTV72 allows light to be focused at a lower distribution angle. The LTV73, which has both 180- and 360-degree light distributions, is ideal for pathways and perimeter lighting. All models are cool to the touch and feature a sealed optical chamber and are IP68-rated. kimlighting.com
Ravenna, HessAmerica • HessAmerica’s new specification grade in-ground luminaire, Ravenna, is designed for the highlighting and path marking of outdoor architectural features and landscape settings. Ravenna features an anti-corodal aluminum housing, a contemporary design, concealed hardware, and the option of either LED or ceramic metal halide light sources. White LED sources are available in warm-, neutral-, or cool-white color temperatures with a color rendering index of 80; symmetric spot, medium and flood distribution for accenting; and wallwashing as well as an asymmetric distribution pattern. The ceramic metal halide is available in 70W, 39W, and 20W single-ended sources, with regressed optics and an internal infrared lens to minimize the external lens temperature. hessamerica.com
Exelia, Selux • The Exelia exterior light column is made from cast marine-grade aluminum, and can be used with either 39W, 70W, or 150W T6 (G12-base) ceramic metal halide lamps or a 60W Philips’ CosmoPolis lamp. The column heights are available in 10-, 12-, 14-, or 16-foot lengths. The fixture has three color temperature options—3000K, 4200K, and 2800K (for CosmoPolis lamp only)—and a 99.8 percent pure aluminum reflector system with Type II or Type V Dark Sky–friendy full-cutoff distributions. The luminaire also has a high-efficiency, pulse-start, core and coil ballast that is factory wired to the socket. The luminaire is available in black, white, bronze, silver, or custom color finishes. selux.com
Mac LED Bollard, Structura • This decorative glulam, solid-wood bollard is equipped with a high-power, 15W 3500K Halogen White LED light source, and is suitable for low-level outdoor lighting applications. The bollard comes in two heights, 32 inches or 42 inches, and measures 10 inches wide by 5 inches deep. The Mac LED bollard meets ASTM D-2559 specifications for extreme exposed weather conditions, and is both waterproof and rated for wet and dry exposure. The hot-dipped galvanized anchor bolts are concealed in the base of the bollard, and all mounting hardware is stainless steel. The metal finish comes in white, black, dark bronze, matte aluminum, and light gray. Custom colors available upon request. structura.com
Design Pro LED Accent Lights, Kichler Lighting • Designed for all types of landscape lighting, from retaining walls, columns, decks, and steps to benches, boat docks, and planters, Kichler’s Design Pro LED accent lights can be installed in almost any surface, including wood. Their 2/3-inch profile and low heat output make for versatile application options, with easy hard-mounting with two screws, and two types of accessory brackets for flat ledges and vertical surfaces. All fixtures use 2950K white light. The Design Pro LED series comes in three finishes (aluminum, copper, and brass), three sizes (6.9 inches, 12.9 inches, and 18.9 inches), and three configurations (three, six, or nine individual LEDs). kichler.com 
DLED-45 Aria LED Post, Dreamscape Lighting Mfg. • This square bollard can be used for residential and hospitality interiors, as well as exterior pathway lighting installations. It measures 31/2 inches wide by 31-5/16 inches deep and is available in four heights: 15-, 27-, 39-, or 48-inches. It incorporates a 5W-per-foot LED, and is available in 2700K, 3000K, and 6500K color temperatures. The housing, available in satin aluminum clear coat, bronze anodized, and black powdercoated finish options, can accommodate a single (front) lens or a double (front and back) lens. dreamscapelighting.com
Wall/Step/Deck/Paver R-P155, Troy Landscape Lighting • This 2W 3000K LED steplight can be used for wall, step, deck, or paver applications. Measuring 5-1/2 inches wide by 1 inch deep by 1-1/4 inches tall, the fixture has an onboard driver. A 10W Xenon festoon lamp model is also available. Stocked in four quick-ship finishes—natural antique bronze, unfinished stainless steel, unfinished brass, and unfinished copper, the luminaire has a frosted glass lens and a 25-foot AWG cable. troylandscapelighting.com
LED Square spotlights, SGi Lighting • This square LED spotlight is available in either a 6W or a 9W version and has three beam spread distributions—25, 45, or 60 degrees. The housing is available in an aluminum alloy in black or gray and measures 4 inches square. (The 6W version measures 3 inches by 4 inches.) IP65 wet-location rated, the luminaire can be outfitted with cool or warm-white, amber, red, blue, or green LEDs. sgilighting.com
Invue Vision Small LED Flood, Cooper Lighting Invue • The Invue Vision Flood luminaire is now available with LED technology and can be configured with either 20 or 40 LEDs depending on the driver current (350mA, 525mA, or 700mA) and the beam-spread distribution (tight spot, tight spot baffle, wide symmetric rectangular, medium symmetric rectangular, vertical asymmetric rectangular, narrow symmetric round, or medium symmetric round). The fixture has four mounting options—stanchion, wall-arm, twin-arm, or surface-mount—is available in seven finishes, and measures 14 inches wide by 10 inches high by 7-1/2 inches deep. cooperindustries.com
Intellistreets, Everbrite Lighting • Designed specifically for parking garages, the new PSL125 luminaire features patented “in-Direct View” technology, available in either a 50W or 93W downlight or a 107W downlight-uplight model. According to the manufacturer, the PSL125 uses less energy while providing a brighter light, and is available with dimming capabilities for reduced daytime energy usage. The modular LED light source, accessible from below, allows for easy maintenance, and comes with either an acrylic or optional high-impact resistant, solar-grade polycarbonate lens. everbritelighting.com
Pla, Visa Lighting • This outdoor wall sconce features optical flexibility for multiple lighting solutions. The fixture’s luminous option is made possible via a clear acrylic diffuser with an inner shroud of flashed white opal glass. The luminaire can also function with independent, up, or down illumination in four optical distributions—pencil, narrow, medium, or wide. The fixture measures 16 inches tall by 7 inches in diameter and can accommodate metal halide or LED sources. The housing finish is a powdercoated paint or metal and there are several decorative band accents as well. The fixture is IP65-rated for dust and water resistance. visalighting.com
Structural LED, Kim Lighting • This luminaire combines LEDs and ergonomics to create a low-glare, low-maintenance solution. Constructed from over 90 percent post- and pre-consumed recyclable materials, it contains no lead. All electronics are RoHS-compliant, and are available in IES Types II, III, IV, and V, with one-way left and one-way right distributions for small and medium sizes. Its LED driver has a zero-to-10V dimmable interface, three standard color temperatures (3500K, 5100K, and 1700K), and an IP66-rated optical chamber. Four structural supports and six support arm designs allow for customization. kimlighting.com
Design Pro LED 2-in-1 Accent Light, Kichler Lighting • Kichler’s new Design Pro LED 2-in-1 Accent Light is designed for both underwater and above-ground applications. Made with a noncorrosive stainless steel housing and filled with two types of premium encapsulates to ensure a watertight fixture, the Design Pro LED low-voltage landscape fixture is submersible for pool, fountain, or other underwater illumination. The Design Pro LED can also be used to light above-ground small-scale spaces, with available accessories to train the lights for both uplighting and downlighting. The luminaire has a color temperature of 3000K, an integrated driver, and provides 38.4 lumens per watt. kichler.com
20/20 Series, Sol • The 20/20 Series by SOL offers LED luminaires, solar panels, and pole mountings for outdoor lighting application. The panel mount for the Poly-crystalline photovoltaic solar panel module, available in single or double modules, has a grade A corrosion-resistant aluminum frame, and a 100 percent recyclable, 100Ah-rated sealed valve regulated lead-acid NRGLife battery that will provide a minimum of five nights of battery backup. The solar array comes in a wattage range of 80W to 250W, with a 20-foot-tall, 8-inch-diameter high-strength aluminum alloy pole. solarlighting.com
Gullwing LED 13, Philips Gardco • The Gullwing family of luminaires now has an LED model—the GL13. It contains an LED platform that is assembled to a modular heat sink. The LED version has dual circuiting so that each LED array can be switched separately. Along with zero-to-10V dimming capabilities, the luminaire is available in four IES cut-off types—II, III, IV, and V—all of which can be field-adjusted, with the exception of Type V, which has a unitized lens. The one-piece die-cast aluminum housing mounts directly to a pole or wall surface. sitelighting.com
KiaroLED, Eye Lighting • Eye Lighting’s new KiaroLED is an architectural-grade LED luminaire for use in area lighting, campuses, walkways, and recreational spaces. KiaroLED’s optical design delivers backlight, uplight, and glare control, while the color connecting optics improve uniformity and reduce color shift. The fixture is equipped with self-adjusting current controls, thermal-protection-control monitors, and printed circuit boards that transfer heat from the LED packages to the die-cast aluminum housing. The optical and electrical chambers have an IP66 rating, and the series offers a variety of color temperatures, distribution types, and illumination levels. eyelighting.com
Ilumpanel, Iluminarc • Intended for both interior and exterior applications, the full-spectrum RGBWA color mixing Ilumipanel washlight series offers two sizes, both available with 15- and 30-degree lenses: the Dual-Vector Array 180 IP, with 180 5W LEDs, and a Single Panel 90 IP version, with 90 5W LEDs. Allowing for manual adjustments and lockable output direction within the housing, the Dual-Vector Array offers a split output feature for the grazing or washing of one or two separate surfaces. iluminarc.com
Tandem, Structura • The Tandem series is an outdoor lamp design that responds to both the site and surrounding architecture. Available in three different profiles—Ortho (straight), Evo (with a slight bend), or Tilt—the bottom side panels can be finished in either standard wood or painted aluminum, or custom finishes such as concrete, Roano zinc, or Corten weathering steel. Pole heights range from 12 to 25 feet, with the option of white, black, dark bronze, aluminum, light gray, or custom finishes. The series also offers a bolt-plate-mounting option and a mast-arm-mounting option, with fixture mounting heights of 12, 16, 20, and 24 feet. structura.com 
eW Burst Powercore, Philips Color Kinetics • A Best in Class 2010 Next Generation Luminaires Design Competition winner, the eW Burst Powercore luminaire is a high-output, IP66-exterior-rated LED fixture that features a die-cast aluminum housing, honeycomb louvers for limited light spread, and an optional glare shield to block additional light spills. The white light output is offered in warm 2700K or neutral 4000K, with optional solid color choices of red, green, blue, or amber. Fixtures are available with 14-, 23-, or 41-degree beam spreads, and asymmetrical 10-degree by 41-degree spread lenses. A native 8-degree beam angle is available for extended light projection. The landscape fixtures tilt a full 180 degrees, and the architectural fixtures rotate a full 360 degrees for precise aiming. The LED array and driver are integral and are not field-replaceable. colorkinetics.com 
Marine-Grade LED Floodlights, Marine Lighting Systems • Marine Lighting Systems new high-powered LED floodlights—available in 10W, 30W, 50W, and 80W models—are designed for marine and industrial outdoor use. Made with a copper-free aluminum housing and pressure-compensating cable glands that prevent exterior and interior fogging on the lens, according to the manufacturer, this fixture offers a 50,000-hour lamp-life. All of the luminaire’s fasteners, rings, brackets, and nuts are made from marine-grade stainless steel, and it incorporates ceramic base and chip LED technology for an 80 percent to 90 percent power reduction. The fixture offers 50-, 80-, and 100-degree beam angles, is rated IP67-waterproof, and has a color temperature of 3900K. www.marinelightingsystems.com
Alura, Schréder Lighting • The Alura LED luminaire is a high-performance, low-energy solution to outdoor lighting needs. The fixture has a molded acrylic optical design, and uses 40 1W LEDs (Osram’s Golden Dragon Plus LEDs). Each luminaire has a color temperature of 6000K with neutral and warm-white light options. The luminaire also uses Type 5 distribution, and the optical compartment has a IP66-rated tightness level. schreder.us
26W LED Luminaires, Rab Lighting • RAB Lighting’s 26W LED family of luminaires includes a wallpack, area light, ceiling light, and pendant. All are suitable for commercial and residential exterior applications. The LPack 26 wallpack has a mounting height of 25 feet and, along with the cLED2x26 ceiling lamp and pLED2x26 pendants, is equivalent to a 175W metal halide. Two aLED26 area lights are equivalent to 100W metal halide. All fixtures have a die-cast aluminum housing available in bronze or white, a 50,000-hour-rated life, 6,000V surge protection, and are UL-listed for wet locations as both downlights and uplights. The 26W LED family also has a newly configured reflector, classified as IES full-cutoff, fully shielded, and IDA Dark-Sky approved. rabweb.com 
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