VividGro LED T8 Grow Lamp, Lighting Science • Designed specifically for vertical farming and grow chambers, this T8-style LED lamp is part of Lighting Science’s VividGro line. The lamp provides high-output, low-heat radiation, and the manufacturer’s patented grow spectrum optimizes photosynthetic absorption at each stage of plant growth. The 4' lamp comes in a clear glass housing, consumes 15W, and has a 250-degree optical distribution. The lamp can operate in temperatures ranging from minus 4 F to 104 F. •

HDE Double-Ended Horticultural Reflector, Barron Lighting Group • Designed for indoor and greenhouse applications, this double-ended horticultural reflector features a patented concealed vacuum airflow technology to maximize performance and thermal dissipation. It has four-way, field-selectable 8" removable flanges, as well as solid plates and louvered plates for fully sealed air-cooled or non-air-cooled operation, respectively. The fixture measures 17.5" by 10.5" by 9.75" and is UL listed for damp locations. •

Luxeon SunPlus Series, Lumileds • The SunPlus 20 line of LEDs provides greenhouse farmers supplemental high-bay lighting for 24-hour or year-round growing cycles. Specific wavelengths can be used for photosynthesis, such as blue (420nm–480nm) and red (620nm–670nm), or multichannel solutions that optimize light output for specific plant life-stages such as seedlings, germination, and flowering. The 2mm by 2mm high-power LEDs come in royal blue, deep red, far red, lime, and cool white. •

HSE Single-Ended Economy Horticulture Reflector, Barron Lighting Group • This grow light features the ease of a single-ended, mogul-based HID lamp in a small footprint. It measures 17.5" by 11.5" by 4.5" and has a standard removable universal ballast bracket with a self-leveling feature for quick mounting. The housing is constructed of heavy-duty 22-gauge steel. The convex hybrid reflector technology provides 95 percent reflectance for even and intense illumination. A 12" 16AWG ballast connector and a 15' lamp extension are standard. •

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