GoboLED 80 D, GrivenUSA • For theatrical lighting applications, this solid-state luminaire with an aluminum housing and tempered-glass lens projects graphic designs, patterns, textures, and logos for indoor and outdoor applications. Fitted with an 80W LED offered at 6500K, the luminaire measures 16.7" by 8.8" by 6.8" and allows for adjustment of the beam angle from 19 to 35 degrees. •

Solar Electric NightLight, Solatube • This tubular prismatic system redirects daylight through an acrylic dome lens into a reflective tube and provides illumination—with a minimum CRI of 99—for spaces measuring up to 300 square feet. Available in two sizes, this model is also outfitted with a photovoltaic panel that collects solar energy to charge a battery-powered 2.4V 4000K LED (80 CRI) nightlight that automatically illuminates in the evening. •

Lidea, Alva • This wall-mounted luminaire features an ecologically friendly resin shade for commercial spaces, especially bathroom vanities. Each of the four size options including 12" with a 12.6W LED, 24" with a 25.2W LED, 36" with a 38W LED, and 48" with a 50.5W LED, are offered at 3000K with an average CRI of 85 and are zero-to-10V dimmable. The luminaire is available with four resin shade options. Light output settings can be selected at 100, 75, 50, or 25 percent. •

Limit, Visa Lighting • This minimalist-styled pendant—a single plane folded into six segments—can be suspended at different angles or grouped in multiples to create a unique, geometric flowing look. Each 39.5"-long segment is fitted with three individually controlled, low-voltage 24V DC OLED panels offered at 2900K with a CRI of 80 and dimmable at zero-to-10V, delivering 850 total lumens. The fixture can be specified in 16 powdercoat finishes. •

Licaso, Lighting Analysts Inc. • This climate-based annual daylight simulation software can be applied as an add-on to AGi32 and Autodesk Revit with ElumTools to determine aggregate illumination of every hour of daylight in specific rooms of existing building models. The program calculates workplane illuminance time in minutes instead of hours or days. It produces LEED v4 and LM-83 daylight metric calculations in minutes. •

Zeta750 HR2, Alphabet Lighting • This LED handrail module can be selected for new or retrofitted applications or metal structures. Each module is fitted with a 1.5W LED offered at 2700K, 3000K, or 4000K, at a minimum CRI of 80, or 5000K, at a minimum CRI of 70. Modules are available in stainless steel, aluminum, brass (shown), and super-duplex steel with wide, narrow, or asymmetric beam spreads. •

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