Cylindrix III LED, Amerlux
This high-power LED track head replaces metal halide fixtures for display lighting in high-ceiling commercial spaces. The 33W fixture delivers up to 2,431 lumens in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K with a CRI of 83; the 2700K and 3000K options are also available with a CRI of 97. Spot, flood, and wide flood beam spreads are offered. Dimmable, the fixtures can be track, busway, or surface-canopy mounted, tilted vertically 90 degrees, and rotated 360 degrees.

Bruck Lighting/Ledra Brands

Chroma Z35, Bruck Lighting/Ledra Brands
This track-mounted LED spotlight’s machined aluminum housing doubles as its heat sink and is available in black, white chrome, and white finishes. A single-source, 32W LED module provides either 1,500 or 2,200 lumens in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, or 4000K with a CRI range between 82 and 97. Beam spreads include a 20-degree spot, 40-degree medium flood, and 60-degree flood. The track head is available in three sizes and 4-5/8" and 5-1/4" diameters.

Edison Price Lighting

Artima LED/5, Edison Price Lighting
The Artima LED/5 family of fixtures is designed for accent, wallwash, and narrow-beam spotlighting in high-ceiling spaces. The LED luminaire is available from 2700K to 5000K in multiple configurations and beam spreads, including a cross-baffled accent light that can provide up to 3,700 lumens at a CRI of 97 and up to 5,600 lumens at a CRI of 80, and a 5,600-lumen wallwasher that can illuminate a 16'-tall wall with an average of 26 footcandles.

Flos Architectural

Tracking Magnet, Flos Architectural 
Flos’ Tracking Magnet offers flexibility in compact dimensions. The 48V graphite electric track accepts magnetic luminaires, freeing them from bulky power units. For indoor installation, the extruded aluminum track can be surface mounted or recessed. The system is offered in a range of dimensions, including corners, and is designed for use with the company’s Anthony spotlight.

GE Lighting

Lumination TS Series Tracklights, GE Lighting
Designed for retail accent lighting, the TS Series of LED tracklights is offered in flood and spot versions in 2700K, 3000K, or 3500K at a CRI of 80 or 90. The flood version comes in three modules—19.5W and 1,750 lumens; 15W and 1,300 lumens; and 11W and 890 lumens—with multiple beams spreads. A 14-degree spot version comes with a 20.6W lamp that provides 1,250 lumens. The non-dimmable fixture features a die-cast machined housing.

Intense Lighting

MX Track Accent Lighting, Intense Lighting
The MX family of accent track fixtures is offered with either a vertical or a horizontal driver housing. Each features adjustable heads and come with three beam options: a 12-degree spot, a 24-degree narrow flood, and a 36-degree flood. Each 14W fixture head provides more than 1,000 lumens and up to 77 lumens per watt. Available from 2700K to 4100K with a CRI of 82, the dimmable fixture is an alternative to 20W ceramic metal halide luminaires.

Juno Lighting Group

LED Mini-Cylinder Spotlight Series, Juno Lighting Group
Juno Lighting Group upgraded its LED Mini-Cylinder Spotlight Series to improve lumen output without increasing power consumption by adding a 3500K option within a three-step MacAdam ellipse. The dimmable, 6W tracklight is designed to match the output of a 20W MR11 halogen. It comes in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, or 4000K at a minimum CRI of 80, and with spot, narrow flood, and flood beam spreads.

Lighting Services Inc

SSLGR16 Series, Lighting Services Inc
Designed for use with Soraa’s 5W and 7.5W GU10-base MR16 LED lamps, this track-mounted, line-voltage fixture is available in beam spreads of 10, 25, 36, and 60 degrees. Manufactured from die-cast aluminum, it can be ordered with the same or contrasting front and rear hoods. Each fixture head weighs 1 pound and measures nearly 5" long by 2-5/16" tall with a 2"-diameter diffuser, and accommodates a range of mounting options including custom stems.

Philips Lightolier

CorePro LED Mini Cylinder, Philips Lightolier
These LED track heads perform like 50W MR16 halogen luminaires but consume 82% less energy, according to the manufacturer. The fixture integrates the light source, optics, thermal management system, and driver in a single housing with a minimum profile that offers a 90-degree vertical tilt to measure up to 7" tall and with a 2-1/4"-diameter fixture head. The 8.9W LED module provides 700 lumens in 2700K and 3000K with a CRI of 80 or 90, respectively.

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