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Mona Johnston Zellers: Fostering a Supportive Community for Women Architects

"By encouraging licensure and professional involvement for emerging designers, we... More

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Ali Wolf: Restoring Affordability in the Housing Market

The chief economist for Zonda, ARCHITECT's parent company, writes that "even a... More

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Guy Messick: Why Architects Need To Be Thinking About Designing Metaverses

Virtual worlds "are here to stay," writes Guy Messick, senior director of digital... More

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Gabriel Keller: Consider Licensure Alternatives

Earning a degree shouldn't be the only pathway to becoming a licensed architect,... More

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Melanie Fairchild and Jessica Dole: Push for Parental Leave

Architects and built environment professionals need to make generous parental... More

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Sophia Tarkan: In Schools, Design for Belonging

The principal of the K-12 Education Studio at the Atlanta-based Cooper Carry... More

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David Meleca: Low Carbon and Future-Proofing Through Adaptive Reuse

The Moody Nolan director of classical architecture argues how a low-carbon future... More

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Walter Hood: Bespoke Landscapes, for the Past and Future

The Oakland, Calif.-based landscape architect shares how successful urban... More

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Jon Gould: Being Yourself Is Not Always Easy

The Atlanta-based associate at Cooper Carry shares his experiences and advice for... More

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