Courtesy Luminii

The following is a press release from Luminii announcing its acquisition of Optic Arts.

Luminii, an industry-leading manufacturer of specification-grade architectural LED lighting systems, has acquired competitor Optic Arts, based in Los Angeles. The acquisition brings together the two leaders in the segment and reinforces Luminii’s commitment to growth, said Luminii’s CEO, Jeff Parker.

“We’re excited to welcome the Founders of Optic Arts: Jason Mullen, Mason Barker and Dorian Hicklin to Luminii,” Parker said. “Our entrepreneurial cultures are closely aligned, and Jason is a leading lighting innovator who brings joy and passion to every opportunity. He and the team from Optic Arts will strengthen Luminii’s creative and product development capabilities, and their proven products will expand the lighting options available to our customers.”

Optic Arts’ innovative products include Optic Arts STP, Vintage Dim, Flex AC and FOT series. They will join Luminii’s extensive lineup of premium, modular lighting products, which includes the recently announced LineLED 48 HE and the Matrix Plus LED Panel.

“It’s a pleasure to join forces with Jeff and the Luminii team,” Mullen said. “Luminii’s vision, like that of Optic Arts, is that lighting plays a critical role in creating beautiful and extraordinary spaces. Our team is excited about the opportunity to make a difference on a bigger scale.”

Paker noted that the distribution strategies of Luminii and Optic Arts are complementary and will remain in place after the Optic Arts acquisition. The team from Luminii remains agent focused, calling on the specification and distribution communities, while the team from Optic Arts will continue to be focused on vertical large opportunity sales.

In addition, Luminii will continue to grow through continued organic growth, innovative product design, and future acquisitions of companies like Optic Arts that share Luminii’s spirit of entrepreneurism and innovation.

“Luminii is committed to taking the respected brands Optic Arts has built and supporting them with the resources and structure they need to grow,” Parker said. “Together, we will hit the ground running as we pursue our shared vision for industry leadership.”

About Luminii, LLC.
Luminii is an industry-leading, specification-grade LED lighting manufacturer on a mission to enhance architecture by delivering high-performance products in a simply brilliant way. We bring unique visions to life through highly modifiable solutions driven by innovation and delivered with simple processes from specification through installation. Whether you’re an architect, designer or contractor, we’re committed to delivering premium lighting products and an experience that’s efficient, positive and memorable.