Osram has announced that it has “agreed to acquire” Boston-based Digital Lumens. Launched in 2008, Digital Lumens “specializes in industrial Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. The company currently employs 65 people and according to the press release “generated sales in the mid-double-digit millions (USD).” Digital Lumens’ cloud-based platform provides software offerings that are used for a variety of applications including “intelligent lighting control, energy use, security systems, and the measurement of environmental parameters such as air quality.”

“The acquisition of Digital Lumens puts Osram in a strong position when it comes to offering future-focused digital solutions for the facilities management sector and IoT applications,” said Stefan Kampmann, Chief Technology Officer at Osram Licht AG. “By integrating software and sensors in a single platform, we will be able to give businesses a deeper insight into the environment within their buildings and their utilization of space. As a company that understands space, Osram is taking the next step in developing new business models that go beyond lighting. What’s more, the platform is also compatible with light products made by other manufacturers.”

According to the release, “The acquisition of Digital Lumens from a group of venture capital investors will enable Osram to expand its business with digital lighting solutions and add to its expertise in software, sensors and connectivity.” Digital Lumens current clients “…pay a monthly service charge to access data that is continually recorded and analyzed by their lighting management system. This allows them to optimize business processes and document process-critical environmental variables.”

Tom Pincince, President and CEO of Digital Lumens said, “I am delighted that we will be working with Osram’s technology experts to pave the way for further growth and new customer applications. Our existing and future customers can look forward to even more value-adding innovations.”

Going forward, some of Osram’s existing digital services will be integrated into the Digital Lumens platform, such as the Bluetooth-enabled “navigation and location solution Einstone” geared toward retail applications. This furthers Osram’s move into IoT as the company continues to position “itself not only as a provider of platform-based industrial IoT applications but also as a partner for tailor-made solutions, which optimize processes within buildings.”