Courtesy The Richard Kelly Grant

The Richard Kelly Grant, established in 1980 by the New York Section of the Illuminating Engineering Society, is accepting applications for its annual program. The deadline is June 30, 2018. The grant is open to anyone 35 years or younger, who is studying or working in the art and/or science of illumination, in the United States, Canada, or Mexico. The grant’s purpose is “to recognize and encourage creative thought and activity in the use of light … granted to the person(s) who preserve and carry forth Richard Kelly’s ideals, enthusiasm and reverence for light.”

The criteria for entrants’ states that the “Applicant must demonstrate accomplishment as well as the potential to contribute to the art and science of illumination. Proposed, completed, and on-going work involving light may be submitted and should clearly illustrate the way in which the conceptual or applied use of light in new and innovative ways is used to solve or better understand a problem.” The Grant Committee will consider works using light in: Architecture, Art, Education, Environmental Design, Health, Fixture Design, Software Design, and Theater.

For complete details, required submission materials, and where to send applications, go to the grant page on the IES website.