Wattstopper Radiant Tru-Universal Dimmers, Legrand • These dimmers work with most dimmable lamp, load, and fixtures using typical residential and light commercial wiring, with the one exception of zero-to-10V LED drivers. After lamp-type selection is made, the dimmer’s self-calibrating function automatically sets the minimum voltage of the lamp to prevent flicker. • legrand.us/wattstopper

Vive, Lutron • A wireless lighting control solution for new and existing commercial buildings, Vive can be configured at all scales of complexity, from basic occupancy sensors to integrated lighting management system. Controls can be matched to the fixture package including switching, zero-to-10V, phase control, EcoSystem, or any combination. Dimming options down to 1 percent. The system can be expanded at any time. • lutron.com

Wattstopper DW-311, Legrand • The DW-311 dual technology zero-10V dimming wall switch occupancy sensor is designed for small to medium-sized applications such as restrooms and conference rooms with cubical partitions. The sensor combines passive infrared and ultrasonic technologies to detect movement in a space that has obstacles, such as wall partitions, which might impede direct line of sight movement to the sensor. • legrand.us/wattstopper

Universal Dimming Module, Acclaim Lighting • The Universal Dimming Module is a multi-protocol driver designed to convert popular control protocols for ease of communication between devices and fixtures. The UDM inputs are DMX and zero-to-10V; its outputs are DMX, zero-to-10V, and IGBT digital line voltage dimming. The module can intake a voltage of 1,000W at 120V AC or 2,000W at 240V AC, while outputting 100V/277V AC. • acclaimlighting.com

N4 Hub, Ketra • The N4 Hub serves as a bridge between Ketra’s product offerings and its digital interfaces, such as Design Studio, Ketra app, and API commands. Multiple hubs can be used to create networks, or KNets, which can incorporate up to 50 devices. Mounting options include tabletop, wall-mount, or conduit-mount. Using an internet connection, the N4 Hub can connect to Ketra’s cloud servers to provide backup and remote maintenance functions. • ketra.com

Bluetooth Lighting Control System, Douglas Lighting Controls • This stand-alone, wireless lighting control system is for commercial applications. The system devices include: fixture-mounted controller and sensor; fixture controller; sensor switches (shown); and Dialog Gateway. A smartphone app enables commissioning and control capabilities. Each device serves as its own wireless node. • douglaslightingcontrols.com

Distributed Low-Voltage Power System, Eaton • This Distributed Low-Voltage Power System simplifies LED lighting and controls installations. The system leverages line voltage AC for power distribution and low-voltage DC for safe, quick connectivity, and to reduce specialized labor and material requirements of Class 1 installations. Power and control connections are via pre-terminated cables. Available with integrated sensors and plug-load controls. • eaton.com

Energy Manager, Enlighted • The Energy Manager (EM) monitors, manages, and analyzes energy savings and other data collected by the Enlighted Smart Sensor network—up to 1,500 individual sensors—using a secure online interface. Features include: lighting control management (adjusts software profiles and retains lighting data for up to 36 months), power metering, building system performance, and data security. The EM can be installed on a corporate or gateway network, or as a stand-alone system. • enlightedinc.com

WaveLinx Wireless Connected Lighting System, Eaton • This low-cost lighting control system does not require new wiring. It works with building networks and provides data for energy and space analytics. California Title 24 compliant, the WaveLinx system is designed with upgrades in mind. The mobile app allows secure on-site configuration and personalized user adjustments. It features automatic code commissioning without IT network setup. • eaton.com

LumaWatt Pro Connected System, Eaton • The LumaWatt Pro Connected System uses Enlighted’s sensors to create a comprehensive connected lighting system with IoT capabilities. Advanced integrated sensors in the luminaire capture data from the surrounding space. Secured software oversees lighting control functions including occupancy sensing, daylight dimming, task tuning, and scheduling. • eaton.com

Wattstopper LMTS-101-CCT, Legrand • The LMTS-101-CCT allows building occupants to adjust correlated color temperature. The interface works with fixtures that use Legrand’s tunable white Blanco and Araya logic modules. Time-based CCT control occurs via astronomical clock entry for specific locations, which determines sunrise and sunset. Custom CCT event scheduling is also an option. • legrand.us/wattstopper

Smart Sensor, Enlighted • The Smart Sensor is designed for indoor lighting applications. The sensor measures occupancy and motion, ambient light, temperature, and fixture energy consumption. It has a programmable microprocessor and operates using wireless communications. Sensor behaviors and schedules are stored in the sensor and backed up with the company’s Energy Manager. The device is 3.46" by 3.46" by 1.18". • enlightedinc.com

EcoSpec Linear Dimming Control Module, EcoSense • This module is only for use with Ecosense products. It is rated to directly mount to a junction box in a plenum space and for easy access. It uses a zero-to-10V dimming signal. A fixed line voltage input converts the signal to an electronic low-voltage dimmed output for up to 1,000W with a 277V load and 450W on a 120V load. • ecosenselighting.com

VerifEye BMO 3.0, Leviton • The VerifEye BMO 3.0 software and mobile app measures, monitors, and manages energy usage. It also offers tenant billing capabilities, and expansion modules for more specific data tracking such as energy code compliance. • leviton.com

Lumina RF Dimmers, LevitonLeviton has expanded its wireless dimming products to include a 600W and a 1,000W in-wall dimmer (shown) and a 300W plug-in dimmer. The in-wall devices are three-way enabled and use a matching remote to create three-way applications, including hallways and rooms with multiple entrances. The Lumina RF 300W Plug-In Module provides manual on/off control directly from the plug-in device. • leviton.com

CubeConnect, Rosco • The CubeConnect system provides wireless control of the company’s Miro or Braq Cubes from distances up to 2,000' using a 2.4-GHz radio receiver. The CubeConnect transceiver can accept lighting control commands from DMX512, Bluetooth Limited Energy, or Serial DB9 connections, and then returns the data via either the wireless antenna or DMX output. • rosco.com

Power Over Ethernet Lighting System, Zaniboni Lighting •The company’s power over Ethernet system is designed for its suite of downlights and low-voltage installations. The POE system uses a 120V 50- to 60-Hz power injector to provide 24V DC to the fixture. Up to eight fixtures can be powered via a single power injector. • zanibonilighting.com

Wattstopper Architectural Dimming LCAP Panel, Legrand • The LCAP series of lighting control panels provides modular preconfigured architectural dimming and integration options for a wide range of commercial applications. UL listed, the series offers the highest amperage dimming and switching options. Dimming curve for each dimming channel can be customized to provide smooth dimming and consistent lighting when mixing brands. • legrand.com

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