NATURALITE SKYLIGHT SYSTEMS | Product: Versalean-To-Glass Skylight (VL2G)

This preassembled, pre-glazed skylight is a lean-to product that can be installed from a vertical wall to a curb. It uses a split rafter to conceal the unit's expansion joints, and pre-glazed sections can be joined together in the field to accommodate any desired length. Standard glazing options include insulating glass units, multiwall polycarbonate panels, and translucent fiberglass panels. VL2G is offered in 20 standard colors, as well as custom colors, bronze, and clear anodized finishes.

SKYWALL TRANSLUCENT SYSTEMS | Product: Skywall Conventional Skylight (SCS)

Featuring the Skywall/Acrylit weather erosion barrier system, the Skywall Conventional Sylight (SCS) goes through a stringent quality control process to ensure a high-quality product with quick, easy installation features. Lightweight and virtually maintenance free, the SCS offers protection against yellowing and fiber bloom, as well as providing better light transmission and diffusion.

STELLARIS | Product: ClearPower Solar

Making solar power affordable while improving aesthetics, ClearPower Solar technology uses passive concentrating optics and unique assembly techniques for a product that can be incorporated into skylights and building curtain walls as well as in standard photovoltaic modules. It reduces cost by decreasing photovoltaic material requirements, increases electrical output by reducing optical inefficiencies, minimizes maintenance cost by eliminating mechanisms that track the sun, and augments energy protection on cloudy days.


This architectural light shelf (for use with the company's CW-250 and Reliance curtain wall systems) is field-installed onto the interior of a curtain wall to deflect daylight deeper into a building in order to reduce electric lighting. Comprised of extruded aluminum struts with panels set between a wall mount and continuous cover, the shelf comes in depths of up to 30 inches with three standard covers, or custom covers. All extrusions and panels are offered in factory anodized or painted finishes.


The LS-101 is a single zone, on/off daylighting controller that can be installed in open- or closed-loop applications to turn lights off automatically when sufficient natural light is present. It consists of an advanced digital multi-band photosensor positioned behind a 100-degree cone that cuts off unwanted light to prevent false triggering, an onboard microcontroller, and an LCD display for quick, easy, and accurate adjustments. The device measures 2 1/2 inches in diameter and is certified to meet California's Title 24 requirements.

MECHOSHADE | Product: AAC SolarTrac 3.0 WindowManagement & Daylighting Automated Shade System

A software-based control system designed to automatically adjust the position of shades incrementally throughout a building in accordance with sky conditions, the AAC SolarTrac WindowManagement system maximizes views and daylighting while protecting people and work surfaces from direct sun. It integrates digital light sensors that detect excess glare and change the shade heights to assure comfort; 3-D modeling that raises the shades when a zone is in shadow; and manual overrides and sensor data are logged, correlated, and periodically analyzed.


The newly enhanced Sivoia QED (Quiet Electronic Drive) drapery track system now has a narrower drive that is flush with the width of the drapery track. It also boasts a 30-percent increase in torque, allowing the system to carry heavier drapes (a maximum of 110 pounds on a 9-foot track). With straight, curved, or split drapery track options, the system still offers one-touch operation and multi-location programming through a keypad or infrared remote control for fully open, fully closed, or preset positions.

Product: Sivoia Manual Shades

Ideal for both commercial and residential spaces, the Sivoia Manual Shades share hardware with the Sivoia QED Roller 64 provides easy conversion from manual to electronic control if desired. The manual shades have a universal, multi-position clutch and spring-loaded idler, so shades can be quickly repositioned on site for bottom, front, or back chain drop. Maximum shade size is 8 feet square and a full line of Lutron fabrics are offered, including SheerShade, Designer SheerShade, Privacy, and Blackout fabrics.

HUNTER DOUGLAS CONTRACT | Product: GreenScreen Platinum

An optimized version of the company's GreenScreen Eco line of solar shading fabrics, GreenScreen Platinum is metalized on one side to reduce solar heat gain, reduce glare, and increase visibility outward. The line is available in four colors—charcoal, bronze, pewter, and pearl—and, being PVC-free, is highly recyclable and reclaimable.

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