Integrated Privacy System patent-pending
Integrated Privacy System patent-pending

It’s a problem that’s all too common for people while they navigate public spaces: the unmet need for complete privacy when using a stall in a public bathroom. And, for many, the concern goes even deeper.

Cyrus Boatwalla, director of marketing at ASI Group, explains: “Our built-in need for privacy is laid bare in public washrooms, most of which are designed for multiple users and simultaneous use. Today, more than ever, our need to feel safe is paramount, and this can cause public washrooms to bring out deep-rooted fears, which may manifest in a visceral response. While some people may be mildly bothered by the thought of using a public washroom, others are paralyzed by the prospect—to the point that they cannot use the washroom while others occupy it.”

Unless perfectly installed, most metal bathroom stalls have gaps at the latch or hinge side, creating sightlines into the stall. Some building owners and operators have taken note and committed to a retrofitting privacy strips, components that can close the gaps between the door and pilasters. This solution is an afterthought, creating an added expense while greatly lowering the aesthetic quality of the washroom—retro-fitted strips often don’t match the color or material of the original partition.

Now there’s a solution to address privacy concerns without sacrificing the aesthetics of the partitions and the washroom overall: the Integrated Privacy system for metal partitions.

This patent-pending solution, offered exclusively by ASI Group, is engineered to provide complete privacy. The doors can be manufactured and delivered to your doorstep with built-in, color-matched privacy components, getting rid of the need for field retrofitting. The guiding principles of this unique system are to meet an occupant’s need for complete privacy while being more aesthetically pleasing than retrofitted strips.

The Integrated Privacy system eliminates sightlines into the stall at both the latch and hinge side of the door, while the color-matched privacy components create a sense of continuity from the partition door to the pilasters. And an occupancy indicator latch is now standard to provide even more peace of mind for the stall’s occupant.

Privacy in public spaces should not be optional—it should be the standard. So for building owners, tenants, and architects, providing complete privacy to building occupants should never be an afterthought. It should be at the forefront of design, especially considering how privacy in the washroom directly enhances or detracts from people’s experience in the building and their satisfaction with the business or organization they are visiting.

The Integrated Privacy system is central to that effort and goes a long way toward bringing peace of mind in the washroom.

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