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Lens F46, Fabbian
Created by Czech industrial designer Lucie Koldova for Fabbian, this suspended luminaire comes in mono-lens (a single 26W LED suspended with one disk) and three-lens options (a triplet of overlapping disks and three 26W LEDs). The concave metal disks are offered in two sizes of 23.5" in diameter or 35" in diameter, and feature constellation-like holes cut with a 3D laser. The holes filter light below, while a white painted aluminum interior helps reflect light upward. The fixtures come in 3000K with a CRI of 92-plus, and can deliver up to 2,400 or 7,200 lumens, depending on the number of LEDs. Lens F46 is available in satin-finish burnished, multicolor, bronze, and rust finishes.

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