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Static, LightArt
The linear light source of this direct/indirect luminaire is narrowly suspended between two PET felt panels, leaving a layer of air in between the three components to help with sound absorption. The fixture has a noise reduction coefficient of one and utilizes a microstructure diffuser to eliminate glare. Static is available in 3500K at a CRI of 80 and can deliver up to 2,000 lumens per foot. The luminaire is offered in 4’- or 8’-lengths in 72W or 144W, respectively. The fixture comes standard with an integrated Philips driver that is zero-to-10V dimmable to one percent. Felt colors come in nickel and cast.


BuzziChandelier, BuzziSpace
Inspired by a traditional Moorish lantern, this pendant is made up of two cylindrical volumes using the company’s 100-percent-recycled PET felt, aptly named BuzziFelt. The 29.53”-tall by 30.7”-in-diameter luminaire can be installed with three metal suspension cables, at a drop of either 78.7” or 196.8” long. The fixture requires 120V to 277V input and uses 40W CFL or 40W SB-LED lamps. Available in plain or perforated diffuser options, BuzziChandelier comes in three fabric colorways: Gold, Carrara, and Emperador.

Pétale RGB/DMX, Luceplan
Designed by French architect Odile Decq for Luceplan, this suspended luminaire’s elastic fabric covering conceals a glass and wool composite acoustic panel in its interior, providing collective sound mitigation. The fixture is available in a round (47.3” in diameter) version, and two petal-shaped options (32.7” deep by 53.5” wide or 47.2” deep by 60.8” wide). Pétale is fitted with a 3000K LED module, which comes in 3000K, while RGB and tunable white LED sources (2400K to 6000K) ring its perimeter. Dimming options include DMX and DALI; a DMX generator with a touchscreen wall panel is also available and can control up to 32 fixtures.

Low-Voltage Power and Lighting, Falcon
This integrated ceiling system uses Falcon’s Caruso acoustic panels with lighting fixtures powered through a Nextek 24V DC Power Hub Driver. The system is offered with options of either 3W or 5W embedded linear luminaires in 2700K or 4100K with a lumen output range of 234 to 507 lumens per foot, depending on wattage and color temperature; and 6” or 4” aperture downlights in 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K with a CRI of 90-plus, and a lumen output of 800. A variety of system layouts are available ranging from 23.5”-wide by 47.25”-long to 47.25”-wide by 94.5”-long panels. The Low-Voltage Power and Lighting solution uses Nextek’s SKY-Controls system, which offers full control of a building’s lighting scheme through cloud-based software, infrared motion sensors, and light switches. Acoustic panels are available in 22 standard colors, as well as in custom digital prints.

Matrix, Luxxbox
This rectangular pendant made of PET felt fins offers sound absorption qualities with a noise reduction coefficient of 0.7, as well as up- or downlight distribution, or a combination of both. Matrix can be specified as individual units of 44”, 55”, and 66” or in a continuous run and comes in 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K with a CRI of 80. The 89W, 120W, or 149W luminaire has a lumen output range of 7,200 to 24,000 lumens, depending on wattage. Dimming options include Lutron Diva and Leviton Decora. The fixture is available 16 felt colors, including charcoal, red, and bright yellow.

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