Three coats of Healthy House Paint by Denver-based nanoscience company Synavax don’t just embellish a house—they insulate it. The zero-VOC coating uses patented technology that incorporates a nanocomposite that the company calls Hydro-NM-Oxide, which lessens heat loss and gain by up to 34.8 percent, according to third-party testing.

Courtesy Synavax

"In our patented coatings and paints, we’ve managed to incorporate that special insulating component (which is also water-repelling) into a coating system that allows it to be easily painted onto surfaces," says Synavax vice president of training and specifications Francesca Crolley.

Courtesy Synavax

The water-based Healthy House Paint also provides resistance to moisture and mold through its permeable formula that does not block vapor, but does block UV rays.

It is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications on multiple surface types, including wood, brick, and drywall. The paint is currently offered on the company’s website in clear, white, and custom colors to coat fresh or already painted surfaces.

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