Courtesy HBF Textiles

Dot Grid, HBF Textiles
As part of HBF's New Basics Collection, by Brooklyn-based designer Elodie Blanchard, this repetitive upholstery pattern combines simple shapes to create a harmonious look. Composed of more than 60 percent recycled and rapidly renewable content, the fabric can withstand up to 100,000 double rubs on the Wyzenbeek scale. Dot Grid also utilizes GreenShield, a low fluorocarbon finish that repels water and oil and resists stains. Available in nine colorways, including iron and blue; gold and lavender; and melon and red (shown).

Courtesy KnollTextiles

Nature Walk, KnollTextiles
Modernist textile designer Ruth Adler Schnee created Nature Walk, a polyurethane upholstery inspired by Schnee's experience with the Colorado outdoors. The ink- and stain-repellant textile offers an abrasion resistance of 100,000 double rubs on the Wyzenbeek scale, making it suitable for high traffic areas. Available in six digitally printed colorways, including butterfly wing (shown), cardinal, and compass.

Courtesy Maharam

Stick Tree, Maharam
Created by Japanese clothing and textile designer Akira Minagawa for Maharam's Danish textile partner company, Kvadrat, this vibrant textile employs a minimalist tree figure pattern. Comprising 94 percent wool, 4 percent nylon, and 2 percent polyester, the Greenguard Gold–certified upholstery can withstand up to 25,000 double rubs on the Wyzenbeek scale. Optional finishes such as Nano-Tex, Nano-Tex with Durablock, and PFOA-free stain resistant finish enhance the performance of the fabric for hospitality applications. Offered in 11 bold and muted colorways.

Courtesy Carnegie Fabrics

Hue, Carnegie Fabrics
With a dense pattern of ovals, this durable, polyurethane upholstery boasts an abrasion resistance of up to 250,000 double rubs on the Wyzenbeek scale. A dry cloth can wipe away ballpoint pen and marker ink, while 70-percent isopropyl alcohol can tackle tougher stains. Hue comes in eight colors, including yellow, red, and green (shown).

Courtesy Unika Vaev

Vanguard, Unika Vaev
This graphic print by the Norwich, Conn.–based textile manufacturer contrasts positive and negative space through rectangular and triangular shapes. The 74-percent post-consumer polyester and 26-percent nylon fabric utilizes a two-color flat woven Jaquard construction and a Nanotex finish, offering abrasion resistance of 50,000 double rubs on the Wyzenbeek scale. Vanguard is available in 10 colorways, including guru, flip, and cusp (shown).

Courtesy Paul Brayton Designs

Jilly Twill, Paul Brayton Designs
This high-performance polyester textile by the Archdale, N.C.–based company's namesake designer offers stain resistance and durability, surpassing 100,000 double rubs on the Wyzenbeek scale. Available in 18 colors, including silver birch, dill, beet, and grape (shown).

Courtesy Camira

Honeycomb, Camira
Drawing inspiration from the organic hexagonal forms found in beehives, this color-woven polyester fabric is made entirely from post-industrial polyester and has an abrasion resistance of 80,000 double rubs on the Wyzenbeek scale. Custom finishes include Nanotex stain repellent, BioAM antibacterial, and DuraBlock waterproof options. The fabric comes in 16 colorways, including comb (shown), wax, and apiary.