Iwan Baan

This 47,000-square-foot addition is the first new structure to be built at the College of Architecture, Art, and Planning (AAP) at Cornell University in over a century. The project, which had to respect the historic fabric of neighboring buildings, provides new studios, galleries, critique space, and an auditorium. It successfully forms a new gateway for the northern end of Cornell’s campus while creating a unified complex of interconnected indoor and outdoor spaces.

Jury: “The dramatic insertion of the new program in relationship to the existing buildings and site creates exciting new conditions while posing a series of creative opportunities for future uses and artistic additions by the college.”

Client: “Milstein Hall functions brilliantly as connective tissue, uniting students and faculty across multiple departments. It promotes a lively dialogue of the present with the past, which is both a quality of the architecture and a quality of our educational mission. And it provides a form of informal exposure between diverse activities that has stimulated new fluid ways of teaching and learning.” —Kent Kleinman, dean, College of Architecture, Art, and Planning

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