Today, the AIA, in collaboration with nonprofit research organization Architecture 2030 and AIA Seattle, launched a new online resource to teach its members about designing high-performance buildings to meet the 2030 Challenge goals. Sponsored by Autodesk, the online series consists of 10 hour-long courses on topics from daylighting to climate-responsive design and renewable energy.

The new tool translates the in-person AIA+2030 Professional Series, currently offered by 25 AIA chapters and North American organizations, into an online resource, which has the potential to reach more than 80,000 design professionals in all 286 AIA chapters, according to a press release.

The 2030 Challenge encourages architecture firms to design new buildings, developments, and major renovations that reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Created by Architecture 2030 in 2006, the challenge was adopted by the AIA the same year.

The first course, which counts as one AIA learning unit, covers the design processes to produce high-performance and carbon-neutral buildings, including the multidisciplinary integrative design process, and it is now available on AIAU, the AIA's online continuing education portal. The second and third courses are expected to be available this fall, with the remaining courses released incrementally, with the full series online by the summer of 2016.