July 2015 Table of Contents

R+D Awards
The 2015 R+D Awards 2015 R+D Awards The 2015 R+D Awards

The jury recognized nine risk-taking projects, products, and technologies in this year's competition. Read more

First Award: Pulp Pavilion 2015 R+D Awards First Award: Pulp Pavilion

Ball-Nogues Studio put years of exploration on the line by debuting its experimental construction material and method at one of the world's largest music festivals. Read more

Award: Pure Tension Pavilion 2015 R+D Awards Award: Pure Tension Pavilion

Synthesis Design + Architecture combines digital modeling and hand stitching to create a multifunctional pavilion for a multi-fuel car. Read more

Award: Bar Raval 2015 R+D Awards Award: Bar Raval

Through custom toolpaths and real-time trouble-shooting, Partisans realizes a Toronto bar that looks better in real life than on the screen. Read more

Citation: Bands 2015 R+D Awards Citation: Bands

Eric Owen Moss Architects eschews the Cartesian coordinate system to design an exoskeleton that speaks to the building's use. Read more

Citation: Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum 2015 R+D Awards Citation: Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum

Teeple Architects created custom laminated plywood nodes to support their angular timber structure and design. Read more

Citation: Queen Richmond Centre West 2015 R+D Awards Citation: Queen Richmond Centre West

Toronto-based Sweeny &Co Architects designed custom mega delta frames to elevate an 11-story office building 80 feet above the city’s historic downtown. Read more

Citation: Breathe Brick 2015 R+D Awards Citation: Breathe Brick

With its patent-pending product, Both Landscape and Architecture believes buildings can inherently improve indoor air quality worldwide. Read more

Citation: Radical Railbanking 2015 R+D Awards Citation: Radical Railbanking

McLain Clutter, director of the design and research practice Master of None, purposefully misuses geographic information systems to manipulate geodemographic data and coalesce disparate communities in Detroit. Read more

Citation: Co-Robotics and Construction: OSCR 1-4 Prototypes 2015 R+D Awards Citation: Co-Robotics and Construction: OSCR 1-4 Prototypes

The Rust Belt Robotics Group at the University at Buffalo, SUNY, is developing humanoid robots to assist—but not replace—construction crews. Read more

A Tale of Two Colleges Post Occupancy A Tale of Two Colleges

Scarborough and Massey Colleges were built a half-century ago in Toronto, one a study in Brutalism, the other an exercise in Arts & Crafts. Witold Rybczynski revisits the two projects to see how they've aged. Read more

One World and the Rise of the Supertall Deck Critique One World and the Rise of the Supertall Deck

Karrie Jacobs on how these contrived tourist magnets can test the Philippe Petit in all of us Read more

Q+A: Author Peter Hendee Brown on How Real Estate Developers Think Q+A Q+A: Author Peter Hendee Brown on How Real Estate Developers Think

The former president of AIA Philadelphia discusses best practices for architects and developers to work together in his latest book, "How Real Estate Developers Think: Design, Profits, and Community." Read more

Architects’ Choice: Design Books Books Architects’ Choice: Design Books

We asked six architects and a few of our editors to share their favorite texts and why they continue to inspire. Read more

Best Practices: How to Retain Emerging Professionals Best Practices Best Practices: How to Retain Emerging Professionals

The development of budding talent is vital to securing the future of architecture. Take some tips from firms going the extra mile to ensure their emerging designers stay and thrive. Read more

Six Partitions You Can See Through Product Beat Six Partitions You Can See Through

These glass and acrylic panels add color, pattern, and texture to spaces without blocking daylight. Read more

Snarkitecture Next Progressives Snarkitecture

The New York firm of Alex Mustonen and Daniel Arsham injects humor (and removes color) from its products and projects. Read more

Innovative Detail: Pancho Arena Innovative Detail Innovative Detail: Pancho Arena

Located outside of Budapest, the 3,400-seat stadium by Doparum Architects exemplifies Hungarian organic architecture. Read more

AIA Architect
The Contextualist AIA Voices The Contextualist

Engaging a principled approach to site. Read more

What We're Reading Now AIA Now What We're Reading Now

Several architectural page-turners for the beach this summer. Read more

Design Is Not Enough AIA Advocacy Design Is Not Enough

Going to the barricades in the AIA’s Year of the Advocate is a collective effort and an individual responsibility. Read more

Resilience to Adaptation AIA Feature Resilience to Adaptation

The crucible for an ethical practice in architecture. Read more

An Urban Imperative AIA Perspective An Urban Imperative

Taking direct action is a matter of focus. Read more

Editorial: A Different Kind of Hero Editorial Editorial: A Different Kind of Hero

The Chicago Housing Authority has finally released a plan for the redevelopment of the Cabrini-Green site, signalling an end to the grand promises of urban renewal. What architecture needs more of now, ARCHITECT editor-in-chief Ned Cramer argues, are smarter, smaller-scale solutions to knit our communities back together. Read more


Buffalo Bayou Park Buffalo Bayou Park

Page, SWA Group

Prism Tower Prism Tower

Christian de Portzamparc

CitySpaces MicroPAD CitySpaces MicroPAD

Panoramic Interests

Burrawong House Burrawong House

Bijl Architecture

S:t Erik Indoor Park S:t Erik Indoor Park

Utopia Arkitekter

The Big Bend The Big Bend

Oiio Studio

Lincoln Park House Lincoln Park House

HBRA Architects

Bosjes Chapel Bosjes Chapel

Steyn Studio

One Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza One Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza

Studios Architecture

1 Hillside 1 Hillside

Tim Cuppett Architects

Concrete at Alserkal Avenue Concrete at Alserkal Avenue

Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA)

Shaolin Flying Monks Temple Shaolin Flying Monks Temple

Mailitis Architects

New York at Its Core New York at Its Core

Studio Joseph

Oberholz Mountain Hut Oberholz Mountain Hut

Peter Pichler Architecture

Giacomo Zanella Primary School Giacomo Zanella Primary School

Giulia de Appolonia

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