As the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) announced earlier today, preliminary data shows that architectural and engineering services added 4,900 jobs in February. January figures for the same sector were revised down dramatically from last month's preliminary report, to 4,800 jobs added. As it does each month, the BLS also released more specific numbers on the number of jobs added within architecture, landscape architecture, and engineering and drafting services in the month previous. (These more specific data sets are released a month behind the data in the larger sectors.)

In January, architecture added 500 jobs, which is a slight slowing of growth from December. December's growth was revised from the initially reported 300 jobs added to 600 jobs added.

Landscape architecture lost 200 jobs in January, which marks the third straight month of losses for this sector of the industry.

Engineering and drafting services added 2,800 jobs in January, which is slightly more than the 2,700 jobs added in December. The BLS initially reported that the sector added 2,800 jobs in December.

Charts: Maggie Goldstone; Data source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics