Today, the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) released a new tool to help aspiring architects prepare for the new Architect Registration Exam (ARE) 5.0, which will launch in late 2016. The Transition Calculator aids candidates in personalizing a testing plan to adapt to the test's new structure. Candidates can log into their NCARB account to import their current testing status to the calculator, which then shows how the exam divisions used in the current version, ARE 4.0, will change in the new ARE 5.0 format. The calculator also tracks expiration dates for each division to ensure the individual can complete the entire exam within five years, which is necessary to achieve licensure.

NCARB encourages candidates to use the tool in conjunction with its Credit Model (shown below), which illustrates how the two testing versions align, to determine which ARE 4.0 divisions one must pass to earn credit in the ARE 5.0.


ARE 4.0 will run concurrently with ARE 5.0, when it is launched next year, through June 30, 2018. Candidates will have the option to choose which exam version to take during the period of dual offering. Once a candidate begins to test in ARE 5.0, however, he or she may not return to testing through ARE 4.0.

NCARB will continue to launch interactive tools and resources as the launch of ARE 5.0 approaches.