These suspended fixtures make use of a range of materials and forms to create captivating show of light.

Irain, Blackbody
This custom shower of glowing OLED discs was created by designer Thierry Gaugain in 2012 and has been iterated for myriad spaces since.

Blackbody OLED

Chamber, Lee Broom
Translucent Carrara marble wrapped in lead crystal offers a gentle glow and directional downlight. Suited for solo or clustered suspension.

Lee Broom

SkyFall, Studio Italia

LEDs offer direct and indirect light in this retro-inspired, hand-blown glass fixture, which comes in clear and copper-hued blown glass.

Studio Italia

Hazy Day, Marset
The opal glass shade fades from matte to transparent, mimicking the light of dawn, while a slight curve at its base harkens to the look of blown glass.

Laguna, Artemide
A painted metal base and blown-glass diffuser are contrasts in composition. Also offered in ceiling- and wall-mounted, floor, and table versions.