Picture the possibilities! Our Augmented Reality app lets you go beyond static photos and see F+S products in 3D, anytime, anywhere.
Picture the possibilities! Our Augmented Reality app lets you go beyond static photos and see F+S products in 3D, anytime, anywhere.


Product photography plays a vital role in the Architecture and Design arena. Suppliers use it to showcase their product offerings and highlight key features and details. Architects and designers rely on it throughout the design process, as they work with clients, assess product options, and move from decision-making to specification.

The Challenge: Static 2D in a 3D World

Static 2D photos can tell a fairly complete story. But they’re limited: they show only what a product looks like in a certain material or color, at a specific angle, in the environment in which it was photographed. What if this view doesn’t tell you enough? Wouldn’t it be helpful to see the product variations that interest you in the setting of your choice? Now you can.

A 3-Dimensional Solution: Augmented Reality

Our Augmented Reality (AR) app lets you go beyond static 2D photography and see our products in 3D, anytime, anywhere. The app pairs the use of a printed tracking marker with the camera on your smartphone or tablet to generate realistic 3D models of some of our most popular products.

Unlike traditional photography, AR lets you see and “place” products anywhere, rotate and view them from any angle, change materials and finishes, and get a realistic feel for the end result—all in a single session.

Easy. Informative. Fun.

Augmented Reality is a great way to work through ideas and make decisions on the spot.

Trying to choose between products or configurations? Scroll through the app’s menus to visualize different designs. If your first choice doesn’t work, try another.

Selecting materials or finishes? Use the onscreen menus to test out different options.

Want to see how a product looks in a specific setting? Place the tracking marker in your desired location, scan it with your mobile device, and watch a realistic 3D model of your product come to life. Rotate the model and move it around to see how it fits the space.

Augmented Reality is also efficient. Different tracking markers produce product models of different sizes. Small-scale models let you explore ideas from the convenience of your desk. Full-scale models let you work life-size, and can help reduce the time and hassle of bringing full-size product samples to your office or jobsite.

Finally, Augmented Reality helps minimizes guesswork and simplify communications. Use real-time visualization to show on-site colleagues and clients how products would look in a space. And, eliminate geographic boundaries: take photos of your visualizations and text or email them for review with remote decision-makers.

Augmented Reality is easy, informative and fun. Try it for yourself: download the Forms+Surfaces app from the iTunes App Store or Google Play, then head to our website for tracking markers: www.forms-surfaces.com/augmented-reality.