Marq Morrison

Every year, the AIA Film Challenge highlights filmmakers and architects who team up to tell stories of inspiring and groundbreaking design. The 2018 People’s Choice Award winner—as voted on by the public—was "Ka Hale: A Revival," the story of indigenous architect Francis Palani Sinenci and his efforts to preserve ancient Hawaiian cultural practices.

In just 4 minutes and 52 seconds, filmmaker Marq Morrison and his cast explain the value of a traditional “hale,” or house, and the need for future generations to embrace the old ways of life. Morrison’s film reminds audiences that even as the world moves forward, time-honored methods of building have survived this long for a reason.

“Before transitioning into film, I studied architecture in college,” Morrison says. “This project provided me with the first—and hopefully not the last—opportunity to combine my two passions, and I am honored to be recognized by AIA.”

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