On June 13, the Illuminating Engineering Society New York City Section (IESNYC) presented the 2019 Lumen Awards at its annual Lumen Gala held at Pier 60 at Chelsea Piers, New York. Now in its 51st year, the awards program named 13 winners across three categories: The Lumen Award of Excellence, the highest level of recognition for a permanent architectural application; the Award of Merit, which recognizes a meritorious, permanent architectural application; and the Lumen Citation, which honors an art or temporary installation, technical detail, portion of a single project, or other work.

The jury of design professionals selected three projects as recipients of an Award of Excellence, seven projects for the Award of Merit, and three projects to receive a Lumen Citation. The complete list of project winners follows.


Chris Coulter

Project: Louvre Abu Dhabi
Lighting Design: Chris Coulter, Gabe Guilliams, and David Smith (BuroHappold Engineering); Raphael Lafargue, Matthias Rammig, and Matthias Schuler (Transsolar KlimaEngineering)

Nic Lehoux

Project: Gateway Arch Museum
Lighting Design: Suzan Tillotson, Ellen Sears, and Katherine Lindsay (Tillotson Design Associates)

Eric Petschek

Project: Claus Porto New York
Lighting Design: Alina Ainza, Ruben Gonzalez, and Ryoko Nakamura (LOOP Lighting)


Sean O’Neill

Project: Janet Echelman’s Pulse at Dilworth Park
Lighting Design: Brian Stacy, Joe Chapman, Christoph Gisel, and Star Davis (Arup)

Daniel Levin

Project: Domino Park
Lighting Design: Steven Espinoza (Lighting Workshop)

John Muggenborg

Project: The Four Seasons Restaurant
Lighting Design: Suzan Tillotson, Erin Dreyfous, and Megan Trimarchi (Tillotson Design Associates)

Scott Frances

Project: Millerton Pool House
Lighting Design: Melanie Freundlich and Pei-Yun Chang (Melanie Freundlich Lighting Design)

JP Lira

Project: Canadian National Holocaust Monument
Lighting Design: Brett Andersen, Juan Pablo Lira, Asier Mateo, and Justin Keenan Miller (Focus Lighting)

John Muggenborg

Project: Nicollet Mall
Lighting Design: Suzan Tillotson, Erin Dreyfous, and Megan Trimarchi (Tillotson Design Associates)

Brent Gollnick

Project: Park Tower Health Club
Lighting Design: Stephen Margulies, Elena Areshina, and Huanhai Cheng (One Lux Studio)


Ryan Fischer

Project: New York Aquarium’s Ocean Wonders: Sharks! Facade
Lighting Design: Paul Gregory, Brett Andersen, Christine Hope, Hilary Manners, and Kenneth Schutz (Focus Lighting)

Caleb Tkach, AIAP

Project: Sensing Change at 151 North Franklin
Lighting Design: Michael Stiller, Caroline Trewet, and Amanda Clegg Lyon (UpLIGHT)

Steve Hall

Project: Twin Brook Capital Partners
Lighting Design: Francesca Bettridge and Renata Gallo (Cline Bettridge Bernstein Lighting Design)