This week, we're sharing projects from Tehran, Iran, to Durham, N.C., and from Amsterdam, to Singapore, with several stops in between. In addition to the projects that we give more detailed coverage, we like to highlight some of the work that architecture firms share with us every day through the Project Gallery—the user-generated portion of our site. So far, we have more than 14,000 projects, most of which were directly uploaded by firms to share with us and our readers.

In this weekly roundup, we showcase some of the coolest new projects to be added to the gallery—thanks to architects like you.

Courtesy Mark Herboth Photography

NCCU Television Studio Renovation
Durham, N.C.
Evoke Studio Architecture

"The revamped studio transforms a cluttered, monofunctional broadcast area into an open, hi-tech, and multifunctional studio capable of providing a variety of set-ups to meet the department’s changing needs. Attentive space planning reorients the studio to create a direct connection from the building lobby and provides the studio director with clear supervision of visitors and working students. Increased transparency elevates the studio’s visibility by putting its innerworkings on display for students and passersby. Carefully selected and composed materials capture the capture the university’s brand, warm up the previously bare CMU walls, and reinforce spatial connections."

Francisco Nogueira


"The main materials of the building, like a ship’s hull, were limited to wood, steel, and glass. The floor plan of each apartment, referencing a ship’s layout, is organic and free-flowing, with step-inclines to spaces that are designed to envelop and ‘unfold’ as the inhabitant moves through it. One of the most important features of Freebooter is its use of light. GG-loop conducted a year-round study of light conditions to create the optimal shape and positioning of the structure’s louvers. This parametric facade enabled the optimal distribution of light while simultaneously allowing for an appropriate level of privacy."

SL Chelak Villa
Tehran, Iran
Mado Architects

"The project structure is a combination of a concrete core structure and metal trusses, with no other structural elements seen in space. The materials used in these two projects are wood and concrete, creating a dialogue between modern architecture and the context, as well as enhancing the connection between the two projects."

Uptown Gateway’s large plaza will allow workers and neighbors to gather for festivals, concerts, and other public events.
GBBN Uptown Gateway’s large plaza will allow workers and neighbors to gather for festivals, concerts, and other public events.

Uptown Gateway, Office Building
GBBN Architects

"A simple box with a single fold: its mass shifts at the third floor to share the sun with its neighbor (University of Cincinnati’s Digital Futures Building) while also letting light fill the pocket park between the two. Distinguished from the illuminated, white fins of its neighbor’s façade, the building adapts a simple, black metal panel system to generate impressive visual complexity. Unlit, the black panels shift to white, silver, and gold as they’re transformed by the light of the sun, ensuring pedestrians never have the same view twice."


Wormhole Library
Haikou, Hainan Province, China
MAD Architects

"Facing the South China Sea, the Wormhole Library is located in Century Park along the Haikou Bay coastline. The intimately scaled structure is cast of white concrete as a unit. The curved concrete walls not only serve as organic architectural structure, but also connect the ceiling, the ground and the walls together. Holes of varying sizes allow the architecture to breathe and meanwhile let natural light flood the interior. The grey spaces of the exterior corridors provide shady spots for passers-by to stop and rest."

exploded axonometric showing assembly of bookshelf
Spores_Studio exploded axonometric showing assembly of bookshelf

Apartment at The Legend
Spores Studio

"Inspired by the family’s appreciation for music, we decided to use Chopin’s Nocturne Op.9 No. 2 score as a conceptual strategy for the design of the library. Like the musical notes, our vision was an array of floating planes suspended in the air via a series of thin structural members. This was achieved through the use of industry standard reinforced steel bars at 25mm and 13mm diameter welded together to form the base structure. A mezzanine deck constructed of lightweight perforated steel was further inserted between the upper and lower portions of the structural system. Finally, 63 pieces of 33mm solid white ash planks were bespoke with routed slots to rest onto the library structure without the need for any fixing to complete the library design."

NYCDOT Sigurjon Gudjonsson

Sunset Park El-Space Pilot
New York
Quilian Riano

"Quilian Riano was the Urban Design Fellow in the first in a series of public space pilot projects under elevated structures in New York City. The first pilot, located beneath the Gowanus Expressway at 36th Street and 3rd Avenue in Sunset Park, will connect to the waterfront, increase environmental health, and enhance pedestrian safety for residents of Sunset Park and workers at Industry City and adjacent sites. It will test urban design strategies, replicable lighting and green infrastructure, and inform a future NYC Department of Transportation capital project at the site, as well as other future public spaces under elevated structures citywide."

Courtesy HamiltonAnderson

Elton Park Corktown
Hamilton Anderson

"The vision of HAA was to introduce several low-rise / high-density buildings that would add the density the developer desired. Balancing the necessary density with balconies, roof terraces, and overhauling a historic alley for pedestrian programs, the HAA architects were organized into separate design and production teams in order to assure the creation of five, distinct building expressions. In fact, each building boasts a specific place-name (The Robertson, The Crawford, 2100 Trumbull & 2120 Trumbull and the 8th Street Row townhomes), tied to historic places and individuals."

Sam Brown/Moody Nolan

Legacy House
Columbus, Ohio
Moody Nolan

Nestled into Columbus, Ohio’s Linden neighborhood, this three-bedroom, two-bath house is more than a residential project. It is the first Legacy House created by local firm Moody Nolan, one of 12 that the firm will build across the country and donate to a family experiencing homelessness—no strings attached. "We wanted to do something where we could say: ‘We built that and helped somebody who really needed it,’" says Moody Nolan cofounder and chairman of the board Curtis Moody, FAIA. Read more about the project, featured in ARCHITECT's August 2020 issue, here.

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