The master bath of 543 House (in the first two slides above) bears a strong family resemblance to the kitchen that occupies the space just below it. Its long sink counter and splash surfaces are white Corian, its flush-front cabinetry is teak, and its geometry favors strong, monolithic elements. A wall finished in blue integral-color plaster stacks above the blue plaster wall of the kitchen. Architects Barbara Callas and Steven Shortridge, AIA, added to the mix with black granite at the floor and in the bathing area. Glass tile lines the exterior wall, and etched glass panels enclose the toilet compartment.

In plan, the sink wall comprises an island between the bath and the master bedroom, while pocket doors at two sides close for privacy. The guest bath (in the last two slides below) introduces oak cabinetry, limestone floors, and a limestone tub deck. Limestone tiles set into a glass-tile wall create a contrasting “control panel” effect behind the shower fittings. The Corian backsplash wraps onto the face of the linen cabinet as drawer fronts that conceal another design flourish: “They're fully made of Corian, inside and out,” Shortridge says.