Designing a flood-resistant water bottling facility may seem ironic, but that’s exactly the challenge Chilean firm Panorama faced in their recent commission for the Glacial Water Bottling Plant, located just outside Queulat National Park in the Patagonia region of Chile. The facility sits adjacent to a glacial waterfall that floods in the winter months; by placing the building atop a tapered soil podium, Panorama hopes to keep these exterior waters at bay. The 324-square-meter (3,888-square-foot) plant reflects its usually idyllic mountainside surroundings with a steel-supported curtain wall of toughened glass, a material chosen for its ability to withstand a broad spectrum of seasonal climate shifts. Inside, the bottling process occurs within a double-height space that allows ample room for equipment. Offices for the plant are opposite the processing zone in single-height wood-clad volumes with observation areas above. Large windows throughout the facility offer views of the nearby cascading waterfalls, reminding plant workers of their livelihood’s source; its exact location, however, like many natural springs, remains a closely guarded secret.